Monday, July 18, 2011

Review of "Escape from Zobadak"

Escape from Zobadak by Brad Gallagher
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Age Recommendation: Middle Grade

Description from Goodreads:When Uncle Gary mysteriously disappeared, all he left behind were a nightstand and mountains of sawdust. Billy Fyfe, 11, inherits the nightstand, but when he's awakened at night by noises from inside, he decides to take a closer look at it. He discovers a hidden panel that opens to an antique maze of wooden corridors. He and his sister Sophie believe that Uncle Gary is hiding somewhere in the nightstand. He has good reason to hide. The sinister men from the Zobadak Wood Company are prowling the neighborhood looking for him - and they will stop at nothing. As Billy, Sophie and their two friends, Chris and Maggie, begin to explore the ancient hallways they discover far more than they expect. But the real surprise is waiting for them when they climb back out and discover just how persistent the Zobadak men are. As logic unravels, and their situation grows desperate, Billy must make a terrifying choice: let the police handle things the conventional way, or escape to the nightstand and try one last time to find Uncle Gary before it's too late.

Beka's Thoughts: This was definitely the most different book I have ever read. The story line and the characters were so unique and special that the book seemed to have its own personality. I enjoyed the entire book, and though the book had a few flaws here and there, they were so tiny that looking back I could not even name one. At the end, there is certainly promise for a sequel, and I cant wait for it. From page one, the story had me entranced and I could not put it away until I had read through the last page. 

This book was received to review through the Library Thing Early Reviewers Program.

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