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Linda Hawley, author of "Dream Unleashed" guest post

Lisa told me that she appreciated that I wrote Dreams Unleashed as a “clean read.” So I thought I’d blog today about what it is like to write for all age groups.

A “clean read” can mean many things to many people. My definition is: a novel that avoids cussing/swearing/foul language, premarital sex, or gratuitous sexual intimacy. Some might say that without those things, the story is boring. I sure hope not!

As an author, I feel a sense of responsibility to deliver a story that’s interesting, adventurous, and exciting, and still a “clean read.” In writing The Prophecies trilogy, I made a decision about one-third of the way through the first book to write it as a “clean read.” I didn’t feel like it was a challenge; it was more of a decision that I felt very good about. I knew that I had to show readers that I had enough grasp of the English language to write the story well, without relying on extraneous cussing and sex.

When I was a young child, about five, I fell in love with words. We had a large family and didn’t have much money, so the only way I could get books to read was through the Bookmobile that would drive through our neighborhood, lending books. I think I read most of the books on that Bookmobile; I especially liked the Nancy Drew novels. Then, when I was twelve years old, I had a terrible accident, and sustained a serious head injury. Because of the damage to my brain, I had to re-learn English. It was a long journey for me. You can imagine my joy to have developed enough skill in the English language to publish these novels. I am thrilled to know that teens are enjoying Dreams Unleashed.

In the current publishing environment, books are categorized as children’s, young adult, adult, etc. I can see the benefit of doing this for marketing purposes, however, when authors write young adult books that are filled with material that I (as a mother) find offensive, I wonder at the value of this categorization. I am thrilled that a tween all the way up to an elderly person can read my novels, enjoying the story I’ve woven for them. I like knowing that the legacy I am leaving behind for my seven children is worth having.

Thank you for reading my stories,

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------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Linda!  I do appreciate clean reads.  I love to share books with my friends  and children that I won't be embarassed by material that may be offensive to some. That's why I put a caution on my reviews if there is material that my readers may not like.  But then of course, I'm sure there are readers who would be interested in reading the caution material.  :0)  That's why I love books - something for everyone!

 Nancy Drew was also one of my favorite reads as a child.  My favorite character was the sidekick, George.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today!


Here are what other reviewers are saying about her book!

“Ann is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever read….  The world is dystopian: the government is the evil Big Brother keeping people safe even against their will.  Yet, the characters aren’t depressed or desperate.  They try to live their normal lives which includes laughter, too.” 

“The book really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I’ve never read any other book similar to this….  From the very beginning, the book kept me intrigued by its mystifying plot and excellent narration.  I must laud the author for her ability to write her story in the finest detail, which makes the story sound somewhat believable.  Everything was described superbly….  Overall, this novel is a real and pure page-turner.”
Vanessa Eric, 

“The book has some references to current political figures and situations that make it very easy to get sucked into the story.  The book is extremely well written and had my attention from the beginning to the end.”

“It's like a present that you are slowly unwrapping layer by layer.” 

“If you put Dana Scully and Fox Mulder into a blender and hit puree, they’d make a mean Ann Torgeson.  Dreams Unleashed was a great start to what I’m sure will be a fantastic book series.  It poked fun at the TSA, and gave a frightful vision into a not-too-distant world where privacy truly is a thing of the past.” 

“Linda Hawley blends science and metaphysics well together and creates a thinking story that kept me turning the pages.  Action and suspense combined with philosophical discussion makes this book a winner.” 

*** I will post my review of the book later today!***

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