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The Forgotten Girl by Heather Chapman

The Forgotten Girl by Heather  ChapmanThe Forgotten Girl by Heather Chapman
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received eBook to review.
Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Description:  It is 1906, and sixteen-year-old Stella's life in Durliosy, Poland, is bleak. Her only hope of surviving is to travel to America, a land of freedom and opportunity, and reunite with her brother in Baltimore. There she'll find new challenges, and perhaps, if she can put her painful past behind her, a new chance for love and lasting happiness.

My thoughts: This is a beautifully written book depicting the life of a Polish immigrant in the early 20th Century. I was captivated and amazed by the courage of the main character, Stella. Her story and life were not easy, but definitely worth the time to read about.

It was a great reminder of the life of the early immigrants to the United States. Stella came by ship from Poland at about the same time my Great Grandmother came from Wales. Boarding a ship did not mean that they automatically were admitted to the the United States, they had to be healthy and have someone her to sponsor them. Their lives were not easy, there was prejudice and poor jobs awaiting them. But they came to have hope for a better future.

I loved reading about Stella's growth. A strong young woman became a stronger woman because of her decisions and trials. The book contains some romance, but it not the focal point of the story. The book is one of resilience, hope, and the determination to do and be better.

If you love historical fiction based off of a real person, you will eat this book up. It is clean with chaste kissing and a bit of violence.

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Heather  ChapmanAbout the Author:  (Taken from Goodreads)  Being the youngest of four sisters (and one very tolerant older brother), Heather grew up on a steady diet of chocolate, Anne of Green Gables, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen, and the other staples of female moviedom. These stories inspired Heather to begin writing at an early age. After meeting and marrying her husband Mark, Heather graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and finally settled down in a small farming community in southeastern Idaho with her husband and four children. In her spare time, Heather enjoys time spent with family, volleyball, piano, the outdoors, and almost anything creative.
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Romance is in the Air ~ Author Stacy Claflin



  Bayside Wishes by Stacy Claflin She’s guarding a family secret. He’s investigating a murder. Will a second homecoming lead to true love? Freya Hunter is living the fabulous life. The west-coast girl rakes it in as a fashion model in New York City, but everything changes after she returns home for a quick visit. The reunion with friends and family in Enchantment Bay is sweet, especially when she hits it off with Nico Valentin, a ruggedly handsome police sergeant. As Nico investigates the death, Freya learns a family secret big enough to turn her world upside down. Freya is torn between her new life and her hometown — the life she loves vs. the brother who needs her and the sergeant who wants her. When her decision doesn’t go nearly as well as she planned, she wonders if she can help her brother and keep her growing feelings for Nico at bay before they consume her.


 Nico put the tickets in his wallet for safekeeping. “Sounds good to me.”

She took his hand and pulled him toward the stores. His pulse raced, but she didn’t seem to think anything of holding his hand.

 A few people glanced at them, seeming surprised. Being on the force, he was well-known and he hadn’t been on a single date since moving to Enchantment Bay. And he’d definitely never been out with someone as attractive as Freya.

 She stopped in front of a candle place. “You ever been in there?”

Nico held in a snort. “No. The only candle I own is for when the power goes out.”

Freya stared at him for a moment.  “Seriously?”

“Just for emergencies.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing. Come on.” She yanked on his arm—she was stronger than she looked—and dragged him inside. An array of aromas hit him all at once. He couldn’t tell one from the other, but he liked the way they blended together. Almost like the unexpected pairing of him and Freya.  


  Bayside Destines by Stacy Claflin What do a fifteen-year-old pact, a fake engagement, and a stalker have in common? Audrey Hughes. Audrey’s ex-boyfriend won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. A master manipulator and a violently selfish man, he’s decided Audrey is his property. And he’s determined to get her back. Forcibly, if necessary. She flees to the one place she ever found ‘family’—to Enchantment Bay. More precisely, to Logan Hunter. Logan is a successful attorney and consummate bachelor. His work is his wife, and that’s the only long-term relationship he sees for himself. Until a childhood sweetheart shows up and reminds him of the pact they made years earlier—to get married. It surprises him that she remembered, stuns him that he’s intrigued, and shocks him to discover her reason for returning. He uses all his influence and connections to protect her, only to be the one who causes her unbearable pain and drives her away. Can Logan find a way to keep Audrey safe, make things right, and mend both their broken hearts?


 Shale glanced around and spoke in a low voice. “You sure your engagement is fake?”

 “What’s that supposed to mean?” Logan frowned.

 “I saw the way you two kept looking at each other during dinner.”

 Logan stood taller. “We have to be convincing.”

“You kissed her twice when I was the only one in here. Twice, and I know it’s fake. Or at least that it’s supposed to be.”

Logan glared at him. “It is.”

 “I was looking for signs that it is, but I didn’t see any. I just saw two people acting like they think the other was the best thing ever.”

“We are friends—we genuinely like each other. You’re reading too much into it.”

 “Whatever you have to tell yourself.”  


"Awesome storyline! Each book in the series gets better and better!" -Amazon Reviewer

 "The combination of mild suspense, sweet romantic moments, and dramatic situations really engages the reader, as the flow of the story is steady and captivating. The characters are portrayed in ways that make them seem real--like true friends, with real strengths and weaknesses. I'm already looking forward to the rest of the series!" -Amazon Reviewer


Author Stacy Claflin USA Today bestselling author Stacy Claflin writes about complex women overcoming incredible odds. Whether it's her Gone trilogy of psychological thrillers, her ongoing Transformed paranormal saga, or her Seaside Hunters sweet romance series, Stacy's three-dimensional heroines shine through. Decades after she wrote her first stories on construction paper and years after typing on an inherited green screen computer that weighed half a ton, Stacy realized her dream of becoming a full-time author. When she's not busy writing or educating her kids from home, Stacy enjoys watching TV shows like Supernatural, Haven, and Once Upon a Time.



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Cover Reveal for Sarah Eden's "Long Journey Home"

Widowed by war, Maura O’Connor has raised her son alone under the weight of poverty in the unforgiving slums of New York City. That harsh and difficult life has taken a toll on them both. Desperate to save her son from the misery around them, she moves them both to the tiny western town of Hope Springs, where her late husband’s family lives, hoping that the decade of silence between them does not mean she and Aidan will be rejected outright. Her son needs family, and she would endure anything to see him happy.

Ryan Callaghan has worked the land belonging to the late Granny Claire for years, dreaming of one day claiming it as his own. Living in his brother’s home affords him no freedom, no stability, no joy. The arrangement is even harder on his mother, whose health is quickly deteriorating. A risky investment in the land has finally begun to pay off, and he is at last in a position to secure a better future for them both. When use of the home is, without warning, offered to a newly arrived widow and her son, that future is entirely uncertain.

Both Maura and Ryan desperately need the Claire farm, for their own futures as well as those of the loved ones who depend on them. Neither can remain in Hope Springs without the house and land, but only one can claim it in the end.

Long Journey Home
A Hope Springs Novel
by Sarah M. Eden

Coming September 4, 2018

I love this series!  This book is definitely on my "to read" list.  Can September 4th come soon enough?

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Blog Tour ~ A Familiar Fear by Kathy Oram Peterson (with giveaway)

A Familiar Fear by Kathi Oram Peterson
A Familiar Fear by Kathi Oram PetersonMy rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received from publisher to review.
Genre: Action/Suspense/Romance

Book Description:  Ex-FBI agent Riley Scott lives each day with the scars of her former career. After the murder of her husband and the recent attempt on her own life by the Russian mafia, her heart is irrevocably broken. Agate Island seems like the perfect place to begin building a new future for herself and her teenage son, yet even before the ferry docks at their new home, Riley realizes there will be no escape for her. There, on the boat, is mafia boss Maksimillian Petruso—the man who took everything from her. The man she killed.

Matthew Taggart knows who Riley is and understands her reaction to his resemblance to Maksimillian Petruso. But Matthew is nothing like his estranged criminal father. So far, he has been able to hide from that evil world. However, he's afraid Riley's appearance on the island may lead his family's mafia connections to his doorstep. After all, she is the agent who took down his father. 

Matthew needs to leave town. Fast. Unfortunately, when the family wants to find him, there is nowhere he can hide. Now he and Riley are thrown together in a dangerous connection, and learning to trust each other is their only hope of survival.

My thoughts: This book caught my attention and kept it! You can expect to find action/suspense, and a little romance.

Riley Scott was an agent for the FBI, her life was altered by Maksimillian Petruso from the Russian Mafia. He left physical and emotional scars and haunts her even after she killed him. Her past becomes her present when she meets his illegitimate son on a ferry. She was leaving her old life behind to begin a new one on Agate Island. Life was supposed to be less stressful and she and her son were going to get to know one another and strengthen their relationship.

She couldn't outrun the past, it came to look for her. She and Matthew Taggert, the son of Maksimillian are now on the run. To complicate matters, Riley's son and Matthews's daughter are with them. They know that the only way to stop the mafia is to stop being the hunted and do the hunting themselves.

There are so many layers of a relationship displayed in this book. It has emotional depth, as well as a fast paces story line. I liked the characters and how they displayed integrity in tough situations. They made a good team as they relied on each others strengths and worked together. The kids were one thing that held their little group together. They could be friends without prejudice and help their parents follow their lead.

This book contains violence.

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Kathi Oram PetersonAbout the Author:  (Taken from Amazon)  Kathi Oram Peterson was born in a small town in Idaho. Since childhood she has loved reading and writing stories. After raising her family, she put her writing on hold to earn a BA in English and a minor in Sociology. Upon graduation she worked for a curriculum publisher writing and editing concept and biography books for children. She writes romantic suspense and young adult. 
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