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Mubu & Mu-Mu: The Little Animal DoctorMubu & Mu-Mu: The Little Animal Doctor by Peter Alexander

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I LOVED this picture book. It is about a young girl in Thailand.  She is six years old and she lives in a small village.   Her grandfather brings her a gibbon who has been caught in a trap and has a hurt hand. He entrusts the small animal into his granddaughter's keeping to help heal the adorable gibbon.  He gives her three rules.  #1 Not to name the animal.  #2 Not to cuddle the animal. #3 Do not let the animal sleep in her bed .  A six year old is bound to break all of those rules.

Mubu is a nickname for Sangduen "Lek" Chailert.  (My husband speaks Thai and told me "Lek" means little.)  This story is based on real life events, that makes it even more amazing.  Mubu learns the life lessons of releasing a wild animal back to it's home. 

It is a positive learning tool for children.  The fun thing is that they do not realize they are learning while they are reading.  It is just a great story and very interesting.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with children or who is teaching small children.

This book passed my ultimate test for a picture book. I read it to my seven year old son, he did not fall asleep and asked me questions while we were reading. He even looked a little more closely at the pictures. The pictures are really good.  The illustrator did a wonderful job.

I believe that this will be a series of books about Mubu healing animals.   I look forward to reading the rest.
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  1. Its a bad thing the writer and author did not pay money to local artists and advisors and some of his Thai workers whilst writing the book. also some of the monies not payed owed would have gone to a elephant charity. He is greedy man only for himself not the elephant or Mubu

  2. I appreciate the comment. I do not know any of the details to the writing of the book or the financial situation of the author. I sincerely hope that the exposure from the books will help with the elephant's in Thailand. It is a country that my husband lived in for two years and we as a family have great love and support for the people of Thailand. I welcome comments and hope that all who stop by may be respectful.

    Thank you.

  3. Yes I no this good book for cjhild but peeple sufer from him make money from book he not give nothing to elefant


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