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Hopes Journey by Stephanie Worlton - Blog Tour

Hope's JourneyHope's Journey by Stephanie Worlton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Realistic Fiction - YA

Description from Goodreads: Sydney is a straight-A student heading to college on a scholarship, and Alex is a quiet jock preparing to serve an LDS mission. But their dreams are shattered on the eve of their high school graduation when they find out that Sydney is pregnant. Separated, they must both trust in God as they search for the worth they once found in each other.

My thoughts: Hopes Journey is an emotional roller coaster. The story deals with teen pregnancy and the many issues that teens (even some adults) navigate through when dealing with a "woopsy" (as my dad likes to call it).

The emotions portrayed are raw and very honest. The book follows both Alex and Sydney's point of view. Each chapter alternates between the two. It is very frank in dealing with the many issues and social aspects of teens dealing with pregnancy and the fallout of family and friends. I could picture the scenes in my mind. Stephanie Worlton doesn't sugar coat the situation. I felt particularly bad for Sydney as she is judged. I found it ironic that she feels more of the social pains than Alex does, because it is her body changing and not his.  It was also hard to realize that their dreams had changed.  The successful and dynamic couple now have broken dreams ahead of them.

I think that this is a great book for youth to read. The emotions are real. The situation is real. It might help a few to think twice before following the same path. Many young women have tied up their self esteem into their relationships with boys. Thinking that if they don't give up their virtue, the boy will leave. This book addresses that thought admirably.

This book kept me glued to the pages and I hoped the best for each of them and their innocent child.

While this book is told from the viewpoint of an LDS couple.  Any family that teaches abstinence or wants to realistically deal with the issues of teen pregnancy will find this book to of great value.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Weirdly enough I don't think I've read a book that dealt with teenage pregnancy I'm very intrigue by it. I love that the emotions feel real which makes it all realistic. Awesome review Lisa!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting Hope's Journey and thank you even more for the kind review and endorsement!


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