Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cupid Painted Blind is F R E E today on Amazon

Another opportunity for a free eBook.  All you need is a kindle app on a device and you are good to go and get it now.  ** I have  not read the book and I am unfamiliar with it's content, just passing on a good deal to anyone who may be interested. **

Description from Amazon:  Cupid Painted Blind is a collection of six short stories. Total word count -71,296

Sweet Little Lies by Liz Schulte - Author of Dark Corners and The Guardian Trilogy 
The day Femi caught her first bounty she knew this was it; she found her place in the Abyss. However, one mistake, one act of kindness, one beautifully whispered lie could cost her everything--even her life.

Autumn's Call by Lisa Rayns - Author of The Curse of the Egyptian Goddess
When Autumn realizes death is chasing her, she runs only to be stalled by an unresolved ghost. Is he there to help her? Or does he want retribution for his murder?

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