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Blog Tour~ "Golden Blood" by Melissa Pearl ~ Interview & giveaway!

Melissa Peal is found here on this blog today answering a few questions about her book "Golden Blood".  Julie at a Tale of Many Reviews has orchestrated this blog tour.  Make sure that you check out the other posts that you will find a link to at the end of the post.

  I found this to be a very unique story.  Can you share with us the thought process in creating this book?

I initially got the idea from Twilight. I read those books and really wanted to write an intense love story with a magical element. I didn't want anything with vampires or angels or anything that had been done before... so I chose time travel. I love history and I thought it would be a fun way to visit different places and eras. I also wanted to turn the tables and have a physically strong and capable female character with an emotionally stable male character that could provide strength and courage.

So those were my initial thoughts. I also wanted to create these beings that could jump back and forth through time for short bursts rather than being stuck there like in The Outlander. The only other aspect I was sure about wanting was the idea of forbidden love. There is something very tantalizing about that.

Once I had those initial ideas brewing in the back of my brain, the story took on a life of its own. I liked the idea of making it a trilogy and I decided to make the first two books end with a cliff-hanger - so mean, I know.

After that came the themes of the stories - Hope, Betrayal and Sacrifice. Once I got those, it's like I'd doused my brain with gasoline and it lit with all these ideas. The stories took off from there.

Which writers have the most influence in your writing?

Francine Rivers and Dee Henderson were two writers I read in my late teens/early twenties. I loved their stuff so much. Their books know how to combine a tense, action packed story with a really indepth emotional journey. I like books that deal with relationships in a very real way and where characters show significant growth. I also love stories that are filled with romance, mystery and tension.

 What books are on your bed stand right now?

Dead Radiance by T G Ayer, my bible, the proof copy of Black Blood, some NZ Romance Writer's Guild magazines and my Kindle.

The love story between Gemma and Harrison is very compelling.  Are we going to be lucky enough to see more of them in future books?

Well, there's Black Blood and Pure Blood, of course :) But I actually have three more stories planned for them. Whether I write them or not is another story. If I get a huge fan base, begging for more, I will consider it, but for now I have some other stories I want to write.

What was your favorite part of the book to write?

For Golden Blood - I actually loved writing all of that book. Um - off the top of my head a few favourite scenes are... when Gemma and Harrison share their first kiss and basically all the stuff in medievil England. I had so much fun putting that together.

Why will readers want to read your book?

Golden Blood is a fast paced novel filled with mystery and a very intense love story. I have been told by many that it is a really easy read and very hard to put down. If you like teenage romance, forbidden love, mystery and a girl who knows how to kick a little butt, then you'll probably enjoy it.

My quick thoughts: This book falls into the paranormal/forbidden love story genre for me.  Gemma and her family come from a line that is charged with changing the past to make things right and improve the future.  They must keep this unique ability hidden.

Enter Harrison, the attraction between Harrison and Gemma is strong and undeniable.  They cannot adhere to the edict that her kind cannot be with someone that is not one of them.  The forbidden love story is always fun.  I love to see love prevail against all odds.  There are many odds going against them.

There is a lot of action in this book that will keep your eyes glued to the page.  I gave it 4 stars and will definitely continue on with the rest of these books.  I can't wait to see if love will  prevail in the end.
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About Melissa Pearl:

I used to be a full time teacher (11-13 year olds) then I became a full time mother. During that time I also found my passion for writing. Over the last ten years I have been studying the craft and putting myself out there.
My first trilogy is being self-published through Smashwords & Amazon. 
Golden Blood was released in November 2011 and has been getting great reviews, along with Black Blood (Bk #2), which came out in December 2011. Pure Blood (Bk #3) is due for release in February 2012.
It has been a totally thrilling ride and I can't wait to keep putting my stuff out there.
I live in New Zealand with my husband and two sons, but we are moving to China in August, as my husband has scored a great job working at an international school in Suzhou. It's going to be a busy and exciting year :)

Watch the trailer: (I found it on Melissa's Goodreads page and thought it would be fun to share it with you!)

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