Thursday, October 6, 2011

REVIEW ~ Children of the Elementi

Children of the ElementiChildren of the Elementi by Ceri Clark

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received to review through Member Giveaways at Library Thing
Genre: YA Fantasy

Description from Goodreads: When Jake discovers he is adopted it is the least of his worries. Now he has to learn how to control his growing powers over the elements of air, earth, fire and water. 

Not only that but the fate of Eleria rests in his hands. Without the other lost children he will stand no chance against the Elerian Emperor, who must find and kill Jake, or die himself.

My thoughts: The book begins with a wife finding her husband near death.  He has been murdered.  He is the High King in a world that is in a different dimension from Earth.  The wife is pregnant and desperate to save the life of her unborn son.

The story then shifts to Earth where we meet Jake.  He is a teen trying to find his path in life.  He has a great friend, and seems to be a young man who enjoys having a good time.  He isn't very responsible and soon finds himself in a very responsible position. Not only is he the son of the High King, he must find the other children who were lost when their government was taken over on Eleria.  Without the others, there is no hope of regaining the kingdom and freeing the people from oppresive rule.

Children of the Elementi has a lot of promise. The premise is excellent. This is a great fantasy for YA readers. I love that Ceri Clark was able to write a story for youth that is appropriate for the age. The only thing that I wish I could have seen more of in this book is character development. I enjoyed the story and would love to continue on with this group of characters, I would just like to learn more about them and empathize with them.

This book is suitable for all age ranges.

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