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Book Review ~ "Pearl Valley" by Felicia Rogers

Pearl Valley (Wounded Soldiers, #2)Pearl Valley by Felicia Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: Christian Romance/Suspense

Book Description:  A town plagued by mysterious fires, and two people struggling to find peace. 

Trevor Jacobs, ex-navy seal, lost his leg during a military excursion. Not only is he hampered by physical limitations, but he has to suffer the pitying stares of strangers whenever he ventures into the public eye. 

Janie Dossett lost her mother to a fire ten years ago, and her life changed forever. Now she shies away from the public, secluding herself in the only place she feels comfortable, her hometown. 

When Trevor Jacobs shows up searching for Jane Dossett, Janie doesn’t readily reveal herself. Trevor is seeking something from her, something she doesn’t think she can give.

My thoughts: Two people who have experienced tragedy and pain are drawn together to find peace.

Pearl Valley takes place in a quiet little town that at one time had a fresh water peal lake. It's a place where most people know each other and they all attend the same church. When a stranger enters town looking for Jane Dossett, he immediately attracts the attention of the townsfolk who look after and protect their Janie.

Trevor lost his leg as a Navy Seal. He is suffering. He wants peace.

Trevor's friend had a dream where he was told that Jane Dossett would help him find peace. After the dream, Trevor sets out to find the person who could help him. He thought she would be a therapist, not a victim of a tragic accident.

Together they are stronger and the understand each other in ways that no one else can. The story takes place in just a few weeks, but the bond that Trevor and Janie create is one of compassion, as well as attraction.

There is a mystery happening behind the romance. They are tried and tested and have to help each other in order to prevail from the obstacles placed before them.

I enjoyed the story. Janie and Trevor are very likable characters who have real emotions. Their story is one of survival and coping. You can't help but like both of them and root for them to get past their problems.

This is a good clean romance/suspense book with Christian themes. There is kissing!  This is the second book in her Wounded Soldiers Series.  I didn't the first and I felt like I got all of the details I needed from this book to get caught in the story.

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