Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Review ~ "All the Finer Things" by Stephanie Connelley Worlton

All the Finer ThingsAll the Finer Things by Stephanie Connelley Worlton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received for Review
Genre: Contemporary Clean Romance

Book Description: Sometimes money costs too much. 

Married to one of the most lucrative and sought after plastic surgeons in SoCal, Megan Hamilton has it all. Her posh life, designer clothes, and stunning penthouse leave her wanting for nothing… or do they? Controlled by his obsessive pursuit of perfection, Doctor Matthew Hamilton will stop nothing short of breaking his young, spirited bride into a subservient trophy wife. But when parenthood enters their picture, the entire game changes. How far will Megan have to go to escape Matt's obsessive control and abuse? And how much will she have to lose before she gets there? 

Doctor Matthew Hamilton has everything he loves - money, power, reputation. Or at least he thinks he does, until his spoiled wife decides to leave and unknowingly blows a hole right in the heart of his carefully laid plans. With Megan gone, he faces to lose everything and he won't stop until he finds her. 

When a fancy car and it's equally fancy owner take up residence next door, Ammon Carter's life of solidarity gets turned on its head. His quiet orchard community is no place for a pampered princess, but as a Scoutmaster, his deep moral code doesn't allow him to be anything but courteous to the young mother. Content as a bachelor, he does his best to keep his distance from the misplaced beauty and her son... unfortunately, his dog has different plans.

My thoughts: Meagan is living the life that from outward appearances is ideal. She is married to a prominent plastic surgeon, she has a gorgeous penthouse, she has a wardrobe to drool over, and she was born to a life of privilege. She hides the truth from everyone, she is abused by her husband. She has to decide what is the price of her lifestyle and is she willing to remain a victim?

Megan flees, not knowing where she plans to go. She only knows that she has to take her child before he becomes the target of his father. She finds herself an unwilling resident of a small town, living in a run down farmhouse. While she misses her material things, she realizes that her son is happy. She doesn't have to shield him and finds a small degree of peace.

The best character in the book was a dog named Bosco. The dog is intuitive where she and her son are concerned. He basically takes them under his wing to watch over them. His owner finds himself tagging along. The dog mirrors his owner in a way. Ammon Carter is a good man. He immediately sees that she has been battered and goes out of his way to help out someone in need.

This story has romance, a vengeful husband, cute boy scouts, an adorable little boy, a woman learning the truth about herself, and a modern day knight in shining armor. The only caution in the book would be the abuse. It is a little descriptive, but an integral part of Megan's story.

About the Author: Stephanie Connelley Worlton lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains where she enjoys frequent opportunities to observe nature and feed her creative spirit. She has been blessed to be a stay at home mom to her four children, many of whom share her artistic tendencies. She spends her days designing, building, painting, drawing, landscaping, and snuggling with her dogs. She has her own collection of power tools, a plethora of camera equipment, and a passion for shoes.

Whether it's in her contemporary fiction or LDS based non-fiction, Stephanie's interaction with the youth influences most of her writing. You can learn more about Stephanie's writing, tag-along (virtually, of course) on her family adventures, see some of her photography, and enjoy her random musings at www.stephanieworlton.com or on her blog.


  1. i love it when a dog writes the rule XD

  2. This sounds like a great book. Great in the fact that Megan gets to learn more from herself and escape her abusive husband. It's hard to read books like this, but I'm glad that you liked it.


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