Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog Tour ~ "Rebel Princess" by Janice Sperry

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The Rebel PrincessThe Rebel Princess by Janice Sperry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to review
 Genre: Middle Grade/Tween Fairy Tale

Book Description: Meet the upside-down fairy-tale princess! Raven Perilous is not nice because nice princesses get locked in towers. When Prince Charming shows up, Raven—who is not in distress—decides to show him who’s boss. This enchanting adventure, filled with magic forests and mystical creatures, will captivate fans of fairy tales everywhere!

My thoughts: This fractured fairy tale is a fun book to read. It is perfect for the middle grade/tween reader and older.

Raven is the daughter of a Princess and an evil warlock. She has grown up in the real world after her parents escaped the fairy world. This was after her father saved her mother from a tower.

Raven and her twin find themselves pulled into the Land of Fairy. Raven has spent her life trying to be evil, even though she is a Princess. She wants to escape her mother's fate, she will not be imprisoned in a tower, that only happens to someone who is good. So instead she has toads come out of her mouth when she is mean.

Prince Charming finds his way into the real world. Raven does not want to be rescued, she will do the rescuing.

I enjoyed this book. It is about a tough girl who shows the world an attitude. Underneath it all, she can't escape who she is, a Princess. The book has action, adventure, and is good clean fun.

About the Author: Janice Sperry lives in Utah with her husband and three children and evil cat.  She enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school and is exceptionally good at finding missing shoes, unless they are her own. You can follow her blog here.


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  2. This sounds so very cute....Rebel and Princess....yes please :)


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