Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review of "Thanksgiving at the Inn"

Thanksgiving at the InnThanksgiving at the Inn by Tim Whitney

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I requested a copy of this from netgalley. I wanted to go into the Thanksgiving Season reading a book that was, well... seasonal.

Heath and his father have come to run the bed and breakfast left to them with stipulations from Heath's grandfather's will. They must run it for three months, be kind to the tenants and do the chores. If they can fulfill the terms, they will inherit the fortune grandfather left. 

Heath gets to know the tenant's and grows to love them. His father is distant and at times verbally and emotionally abusive. They were estranged from the late grandfather, Heath's dad was not given a share in the profits when the factory was sold, and Heath has no memory of his grandfather. He begins to know and appreciate his grandfather through the eyes of others.

One message that I really liked is not to judge people by their outside appearance. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has their triumphs and mistakes. Heath learned that the people around him had a lot to offer and teach him, even though by their outward appearance you might not think that they would.  The residents of the Inn also became an emotional support for Heath.

There is a resolution that follows tragedy. The book ends with Thanksgiving day, and looking at what they characters have, rather than what they have lost.

This book is geared to young readers. I think that adults would enjoy it more than the young. As a caution, there is mild profanity. The book runs a little slow in places and may not keep the attention of many young readers.

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