Monday, November 8, 2010

"Morgan Brothers" Historical Romance Series by Nancy Parra

I like to spend time on Goodreads, getting great recommendations from an active community of readers.  I am a member of a group dealing with clean romance.  One of the members of the group mentioned Nancy Parra.  I had not read any of her books before and my local library did not carry them.  Amazon has a great selection of used books and I snagged these three. This is a series, each book spotlights one of the Morgan Brothers and the lady who stole his heart.

Samantha Herrington is determined to prove to her father, the owner of a big city newspaper, that she can write more than laundry tips and sewing advice. She is a serious reporter and bets she will find her front page story in Amesville, Wyoming. Instead, she finds a cranky cowboy whose overbearing protection and passionate kisses keep her from that goal.
Honor is everything to Matthew Morgan. He owes Big John Herrington his life. To pay off the debt, he must watch over the man's only daughter for the space of one summer. It is a situation Matt regrets immediately.
Sam's search for a story brings mayhem and murder, but even worse, her innocence unravels the steel bands that have protected Matt's heart. Can Matt see her safely out of Amesville before he loses his heart? Or is love their true destiny?

Samantha heads to Wyoming to find the story to make her name.  She wants to let her readers of her newspaper column to know what life in the West is really like. She wants to do this before her upcoming wedding, before she becomes tied down. She wants to interview the "soiled doves" in the local saloon.  She has a stereotypical view of life out West.

Matt owes Samantha's father a favor and agrees to watch over her as she has her adventure.  Matt has no idea of the degree of commitment he has tied himself to.  Samantha is a very independent, stubborn woman.  She gets herself in the middle of a story that leads to murder, and he has to be there to protect her and save her from herself and her curiosity.

They don't count on love.  I gave this book 3 1/2 stars.

Brianna McGraw ventures out West to find and rescue her brother from bandits who will sell him illegally to the highest bidder. Separated after they were orphaned a few years ago, Brianna has worked hard as a librarian to save money for the trip. But when she arrives, she realizes she has to somehow come up with a thousand dollars to buy him back. She then sees a wanted poster with a sufficient reward and decides to become a bounty hunter, accomplishing two good deeds at once--bringing a criminal to justice and saving her brother.
Trey Morgan's renegade days are long over. He is at home on his ranch, tending to his cattle, when Brianna appears and arrests him. He is more amused than concerned, wondering how she thinks she's going to drag him 900 miles through the mountains.
To his surprise, Brianna proves over and over again that she is intelligent and strong enough to make the long and grueling trip. While he quietly observes his beautiful captor, his discomfort grows when she begins to win more and more of his respect and admiration.
Soon, the threat his beautiful captor holds over him is not so much in the pistol she wields, but the lasso she has firmly fastened over his heart.

I liked this story.  Bri is not your typical bounty hunter.  She is pretty, cultured and a librarian.  She gets her information on wilderness survival from books.  She traverses the country side by the maps that she studied.  She is feminine with a tough side.  She is on a mission.  She must save her younger brother from slave labor in the mines.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Trey falls into her trap.   He sees a beautiful young woman on his property and goes to investigate.  He did not see her taking him prisoner coming.  He ends up crossing the country side "trussed up like a turkey" so she can collect the bounty on his head.

I liked the humor in this book.  It is short and sweet, I read it curled up on a cold and rainy day.  I gave the book four stars.

Lana Tate dreams of the day she can leave Wyoming and live in a more civilized place like San Francisco or New York. Since her mother died her father has been paralyzed with grief, and Lana must sing in the saloon just to earn enough money to make it through the winter. She worries that if she doesn't find a way out of Wyoming soon she will die there just like her mother.
Taggart Morgan watches the reward for the capture of the legendary wild stallion grow until it reaches two thousand dollars. Lana learns of the reward and sees it as the answer to her dreams. The amount is more than enough to get her and her father to San Francisco, where she can finally live her dream of becoming an opera star.
Taggart expects competition for the stallion, but he never suspected that a delicate but determined young gal would be the one to stand between him and his goal.
The competition heats up as Lana and Taggart butt heads. Finally, when they see that neither can capture the horse alone, they team up. If they work together they can both accomplish their goals and go their separate ways. But the closer they get to their goal, the less important it seems, as these two hearts learn that love can make even impossible dreams come true.

There is a fourth book in the series, called Wyoming Wedding.  I don't have a copy of the book, but maybe I will in the future.


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