Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of "Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed"

Lord Wraybourne's Bethrothed by Jo Beverly
Though she hailed from one of England's oldest, richest families, the Honorable Jane Sandiford had been brought up in a frugal fashion, far from the lavish London set she was about to join. For Jane was to wed the dashing Lord Wraybourne, a ranking member of the ton, and a vexingly handsome one at that. She'd been raised to expect a staid and passionless betrothal, and so the odd rush of emotion she felt each time Wraybourne came near seemed most irrational. The always sensible Jane knew that Wraybourne's only desire was for the Sandiford fortune, and she would do best to keep her distance rather than fall prey to the nobleman's considerable charms...

The Tenth Earl of Wraybourne laughed as the local gossipmongers spread word of his surprise engagement to the staggeringly wealthy Sandiford heiress-as if he needed to marry for money! Certainly the simple but spirited Jane was most different from the frivolous and fashionable London females of Wraybourne's circle-but that was precisely what he wanted in a wife. Not some chit with ideas of wealth and position, but an honest, strong, country-bred lass who would provide him with heirs and never stray. But then Wraybourne introduced his fiancee to the ton, and discovered that beneath her outmoded gowns and frumpy bonnets was a woman of warmth, wit, and passion. Suddenly the dull affair of marriage seemed rather more alluring, and Wraybourne wondered if it would be possible to fall in love with one's own wife.

I was recently browsing through e-books on my i-phone and came across The Stolen Bride by Jo Beverly.  It appealed to me, and I downloaded it.  A bit of time passed before I got around to looking at it.  I realized that it followed after Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed.  I knew that I would have a better of understanding of events and characters if I read it first.  It was then time to spend more money and download the first book.  Once again, The Stolen Bride is bumped back to my too read list.

I am glad that I did.  I enjoyed the story of Jane.  She is the daughter of wealthy and  self-righteous parents.  They decide to seek a groom for their daughter.  He needs to be an upstanding gentlemen.  They pick Lord Wraybourne.  He is willing to make the match and offers for Jane. 

Jane has never been exposed to society.  She has been sheltered and made to adhere to very strict rules.  It is decided that she may spend a season under the guardianship of Lord Wraybourne's aunt before her marriage.  Jane's first season is different from most girls, she is betrothed.

Jane learns more about Lord Wraybourne and his family.  She has adventures and learns about society from her soon to be sister-in-law, who happens to have a bit of a wild streak.

At the time he is trying to romance his fiancee, Lord Wraybourne is also trying to find the man who has raped many young women. One of them happens to be his friend.

I enjoyed this book.  It is clean and fun.  I am giving it four stars.

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