Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review of "Nighlight" by the Harvard Lampoon

I tried to talk myself out of writing this review.   I really like the saying from "Bambi", "if you don't have nuttin nice to say, don't say nuttin at all." This book is a parody of  "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.  I will admit to liking "Twilight".  I have read all of the books and even watched all of the movies that are out.

"Nighlight" is stupid.  I didn't find it very funny, just stupid.

Belle is a controlling, vain, out of control young woman.  She believes that every man that she meets is in love with her.  She meets Edwart at school and decides that he is a vampire, so she tries to mold him into the character of a vampire.  After all, he did save her from a snowball.

Edwart suffers from anxiety attacks and to put it bluntly, he is a major wimp.  He thinks that Belle is role playing all of the vampire stuff and plays along.

There is a vampire in this story, I won't tell you who he is in case you decide to read the book.  He is over the top as a vampire.  The vampire prom is "stupid".  I think stupid is my favorite word of the day.

I gave this two stars.  If you want to read this book, I hope you like it better than I did.


  1. oh no, I have this one on my shelf but haven't read it yet. i was hoping it would be more of an intelligent parody. oh well, thanks for the honest review!

  2. Wow! You convinced me. I'll steer clear of this one :-)

    thanks for visiting BTW.

    I like your blog and, more than that, your honesty.

    I'm following ...

  3. To be fair, my 13 year old daughter liked this one better than I did. I think the biggest problem with this book is that they tried to hard. They swung the pendulum totally in the other direction though. The book was forced. I have read reviews of others who have given this book four stars. You can take my opinion, or try it for yourself.


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