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Interview with Ednah Walters, author of "Awakened" and swag giveaway!

I am excited to be hosting an interview with Ednah Walters.  She has recently published a great  young adult book, "Awakened" it is book one in the Guardian Legacy.

Can I just say that Ednah is wonderful?  I had fun emailing back and forth with her.  When you read the interview you will see why.  I am looking forward to reading book wo of the Guardian Legacy when it comes out.  I think she is definitely an author to keep on your radar.

The interview is in two parts.  My questions for Ednah, and then she did a character interview.  I had questions for Bran, and he answered.  I love the format used.  Here they are, read, laugh and enjoy!

Part 1: Ednah's interview.

Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
My family/my children inspired me. When I became a stay-at-home mother after finishing college,
I wrote simple children stories and read them to my then pre-school daughters. Those stories will
never be read by anyone else, but they were the starting point for me. Later, when my two older
girls became teens, they wanted something different and Awakened is the result.

Do you have any rituals that you go through before you can sit down to write?
Not really. I write anywhere and everywhere. In the car at carpool while I wait for my kids to get
out of school, by the pool (indoors) or gymnastic arena where they take lessons after school.
By my bed, on the kitchen counter, outside while I keep an eye of my kids while they play,
bookstores. As long as my laptop is powered, I’ll write. If not, I carry a pencil and a notebook to
write scenes as they pop in my head.

What is one thing that you would like your readers to know about you?Nothing. I’m boring. I’m working on Betrayed, book 2, and will start book 3 soon.

I have a 13 year old daughter who loves to write, she always has a notebook with her that she
likes to use to jot her latest story in. Have you always wanted to write, or was it something that
you realized that you loved as an adult?

I used to joke that I’d love to become a writer someday. At the time, I was in high school. I mean,
I read a lot and had an active imagination, but I was the talk geeky girl who was into science. As
long as your daughter has something to say, let her write. Encourage her. Mine are like that,
too. One draws and writes manga stories while the other is into poetry. Whether they’ll become
a writer later in life is their choice.

Is there any advice that you would like to give to writers just starting out?
Write from your heart. Don’t let anything limit you. Trends come and go, so don’t try to
keep up or follow them. Use your imagination and soar.

I will admit to being fascinated by Nephilim. It is the lure that hooked me into reading this book.
Why did you write a book about Nephilim?

Nephilim are cool. Who can resist beings that have superpowers, are part human and part
angel, physically gorgeous and according to theology, can either be ruthless or angelic. Nephilim
heroes and villains haven’t been fully explored, yet they are the children of the fallen angels. If
you believe the Bible, they walked on earth, lived and loved, and were killed during Noah’s flood,
but some were left behind to lead man astray.

In the book you listed several names that can be associated with the Nephilim : Neterus, Devas,
Titans, Avatars, and Nephilim? How did you put together these different names from different
cultures and associate them with Nephilim?

I researched other mythologies and religious beliefs after I was done with the Nephilim. Imagine
my surprise when I learned that in almost every civilization, every mythology and beliefs, there
were beings with super powers, some bad and some good, some fighting for humanity and other
hell bent on destroying it. I brought them all under the umbrella of the Nephilim. But I’m not the
first one to do this. Internet is rife with bloggers who believe all these groups, including vampires
and werewolves, were Nephilim.

I was fortunate enough to attend Utah State University for one year and I know what a great
community it is and how beautiful it is. Why did you decide to set your book in Cache Valley?

It is beautiful, isn’t it? But it is also secluded and perfect for the Guardians. Plus, I live there…lol.
Instead of researching the setting, I just take a drive and get everything I need. I visited Logan
High (Cache High in Awakened) to get my facts straight, talked to students, my daughter
included, about schedules and events. And the trailer park, where Lil and her grandfather stay in
for a few weeks, actually exists, so does the weeping willow and the hotel with a pool.

Part two:  Bran's turn.

Lisa: Hi there Bran. Thank you agreeing to talk to me. Please, have a seat.

Bran (dressed in black pants, shirt and long leather trench coat, straddles a chair
and props his arms across the back):
Thanks. Lisa…may I call you Lisa?

Lisa: Of course. I will try to be quick because I know you’re a busy guy. Can you tell
us…me a little bit about yourself?

Bran: I’m a Nephilim, a Guardian. I hunt down and vanquish demons.

Lisa (smiles): I know. But can you tell us more? You know, about your abilities?

Bran (closes his eyes and sighs…why are humans so curious? Maybe a demonstration
might be good):
You see that plant over there?

Lisa (looks at he potted cactus plant and nods). Yes.

Bran: Are you particularly attached to it?

Lisa (looking uneasy): Uh, yes.

Bran: (extends his hands toward the cactus, a lazy smile on his lips, eyes daring
Lisa to stop him. Plant grows limp and wrinkly then withers).

Lisa (eyes wide): You killed it!

Bran (rolled his eyes…humans are so melodramatic): No, I didn’t. I drained water
from it. I can mummify a demon in fractions of a second because I have the ability to
manipulate water, a power I inherited through my father. Are you sure you don’t want to
talk about Lil. She’s more interesting.

Lisa (fidgets, her eyes going to the withered cactus plant): Just one question. How did
you know Lil was your soul mate?

Bran (shrugs): I just did.

Lisa (leans forward): How?

Bran (sighs): I can’t believe I’m about to say this. (Cheeks turn pink). I felt this strong
tag on my psi energy I couldn’t explain and every cell in my body became alive. Sounds cheesy,
but there is no other way I can describe it. So I went to find the source of this power that made
me feel…amazing. When I telepathed her, I knew she was the one.

Lisa (smiles dreamily): That’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard. What went
through your mind when you realized that Lil knew nothing about the guardians?

Bran (shrugs): I thought she was faking, which pissed her off and the rest you know.
Later, I felt bad for being so mean to her. Before I could apologize, she pissed me off.
(Frowns). I can’t remember what she did. It doesn’t matter now.

Lisa: In the book we get a description from Lil about your first kiss. Can you tell us what it was
like for you?
Bran (cocks his right eyebrow): Is she serious? How can I describe something so
beautiful, so sweet, so mind-numbing? No.

Lisa: Come on.

Bran: No. Next question.

Lisa: Okay. You have one of the most interesting name. Do you know the story behind

Bran : Do you know that most civilizations have written about us?

Lisa (looks confused): Y…eees. But I’m the one asking questions here, not you.

Bran (cocks his right eyebrow…The human has guts, kind of reminds me of my Lil.)
My father named me after Bran, son of Sea-god Llyr…Bran the Blessed…a giant of
man…an honorable man. Of course, you do know he wasn’t just an interesting figure in
Celtic mythology. He was one of us. I think we might be related somewhere down the
line. You know, my water powers, he being son of a sea god and all.

Lisa(nods): You have very different heritage than most, what do you find is the hardest
part of being you? What's the best?

Bran (frowns): The hardest part is having my fellow Guardians look at me and see my
parents. I’m not my mother or father. I’m me, an individual. I’d like to be judged by
what I do and say, not who my parents were. The best part is using my experience to
help the girl I love. Having known the dark side, I know how to avoid its seduction. Lil
will have many challenges ahead of her but I plan to be there for her.

Lisa: Could you tell us what you like to do in your spare time?

Bran(winks): Doing stuff with Lil…and train. Demon-hunting is a full-time job, and so
is being in love with a stubborn girl. But I have several centuries to do both.

Lisa(smiling dreamily): What's one of your favorite memories?

Bran(shakes his head): Of Lil? Those are private. But I can talk about childhood
memories, which includes learning about my heritage from my father, flying with my
little sister, goofing with my brother… before things changed (Bran stops smiling).

Lisa: Your relationship with Lil is complicated, yet beautiful. What's one of your
favorite things to do together?

Bran (grins again, dimples flashing): Lil’s pretty cool and an easy girl to love. As
long as we’re together, she’s happy. We like to teleport to different places for lunch or
dinner. She likes the beach the best. We’ve visited quite a few around the world. We’ve
also dined at some of the best restaurants. (Bran laughs softly) We often don’t have
reservation, but Lil’s power of persuasion makes that problem go away.

Lisa: Can you tell us anything juicy about her we don't already know?

Bran: Oh no, I’m not going there. She’ll kill me if I tell.

Lisa: Come on, just one tinsy little secret.

Bran (sighs, looks up and smiles): Okay. You’re a very curious lady, just like Lil.
She’s very ticklish. Whenever I tickle her she kicks and screams and promises to
vanquish me. But she never means it because afterwards we kiss and make-up. (Bran’s
grin broadened) I think that’s why I do it. Making up is fun.

Lisa (blushing): I am not entirely sure what to think about your brother. It's clear that
you love him desperately though. Can you tell us something awesome about him we
might not know?

Bran (no longer smiling): He’s very protective of our little sister. He and I don’t agree
on many things, but when it comes to her, we’re on the same page. He’d do anything
to protect her. I think we are done here. I have a demon to catch and interrogate. (Bran
stands up, walks to the cactus plant and touches it. The plant quickly returns to its
succulent, healthy state. He glances at Lisa and flashes another smile) Is that better?

Lisa(sighs with relief and stands too): Yes, thank you. Just one more question. Can
you tell us anything about what's next for the Guardians?

Bran (shrugs): We’ll continue what we always do, fight the good fight. I really got to
go now. Nice chatting with you, Lisa.

Thanks to Bran and Ednah.  I had a ton of fun with this interview.  You can see why Ednah is an author and I am a reader.    If you would like to see my review of  "Awakened", click on this link:

Ednah has kindly donated some swag!    There will be two winners.  She is donating  a mouse pad and pens!
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Thanks for visiting today.  Have a great Holiday Season.


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