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Review of "Fate of Thorik" by Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Altered Creatures: Fate of ThorikAltered Creatures: Fate of Thorik by Anthony G Wedgeworth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Grand Council convenes to determine action against a powerful leader. But before any consensus can be made, an immense power is unleashed, annihilating their temple and killing the council members inside. Young Thorik Dain's journey to discover who destroyed the council, leads him on an unexpected quest. Struggling to find the truth, Thorik confronts an entirely new world with overwhelming magic, altered beasts, battle-risen undead, and deceivers amongst his closest allies. Weighing upon Thorik's shoulders are his uncle's desire to control him, his mentor's obsession to vanquish the new rising leader, and Thorik's own internal demons of self-doubt. The land's destiny is in Thorik's hands, while his confidence and conviction to his beliefs will define his own fate.  description from Goodreads

I received this book from the author for review.

Anothony Wedgeworth has created a complex fantasy story. I do like this book. However, I felt that it tended to drag at some points and that the history behind the story wasn't explained well.  In some aspects he tries too hard to make it too complex.   He has many great ideas.

Thorik is a num, a humanoid species that lives a quiet and peaceful existence. They follow their religion to the letter and memorize scrolls that were given to them by their historical religious leader.   They have a hard time trusting outsiders.

Thorik helps a stranger, taking him into his home while he heals, against the wishes of his village leader (aka,his uncle). The stranger is Ambriosius. He is the only survivor of a Grand Council where the leaders of the different species came together to discuss a threat to their land. The conference came to and abrupt end when the neutral location was destroyed.

A quest ensues. Thorik and several other nums join Ambriosius to discover who was the traitor who let their enemy know where all of the leaders were at one time. Of course, Ambriosius is blamed.

Ultimately this is a story of good verses evil. A young man learning who to trust and how to lead.

There are more books in the series.  I will read them.  I would like to see where Mr. Wedgeworth takes this story and the ultimate conclusion.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The next novel in the series, Sacrifice of Ericc, moves faster and focuses more on this books plot instead of the world's history. I'm looking forward to reading your review on it.


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