Friday, July 6, 2018

Trek - the Movie ~ Blog tour with a giveaway!

Trek dvd

I have never participated in an LDS pioneer trek.  It's something that I regret now, but at the time I was not interested in the experience. (A lot like some of the kids in the movie.)  As an adult and married to someone who is descended from the Martin Handcart company, I really wish that I would have gone.

There were so many moments that funny.  In some ways the characters were a little over the top, but in a good way.  It gave greater meaning to the serious moments and the kids who  changed along the way.  The movie not only focused on the experiences that were happening in the moment, but on past experiences that led up to the reactions and feelings presented.  The group of leaders have very diverse personalities, but come together to make the trek work.

This is a movie that will make you laugh and feel inspired at the same time.  If you have never been, like me, it will help you appreciate the experience.  If you have gone on a trek, I'm sure you'll have good memories of  your time on the trail.

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Message from Alan Peterson, Director of TREK The Movie

It’s exciting to anticipate the DVD/BluRay release of TREK, the movie. Being with audiences in theaters is the fulfillment of any director’s dream.  But, the reality of independent film is that you can’t get a movie into enough theaters so that everyone who wants to, can see it.  July 3rd is a day that lots of TREK fans have been waiting for.  Now, everyone can enjoy the laughs and lessons of TREK whenever they want.  One of our goals in producing the movie was to create a story that would honor the wonderful tradition of this hands-on experience unique to our faith.  Trek provides a critical chance to connect with our past. Why is this important?  I’ll let Elder Russell M. Ballard explain: 

"I have a deep conviction that if we lose our ties to those who have gone before us, including our pioneer forefathers and mothers, we will lose a very precious treasure. I have spoken about “Faith in Every Footstep” in the past and will continue in the future because I know that rising generations must have the same kind of faith that the early Saints had in the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.” (General Conference, October 2017, The Trek Continues!)

It is too easy to forget what our pioneer ancestors sacrificed for their faith and for our good. I hope families can sit down together and share the movie and talk about how grateful we should be for the men, women and children who marched into the unknown following a prophet of God so long ago. And, I hope they will talk about the challenges they face today as members of the church as we march forward into the unknown.  Do you feel like Tom and wonder where God is?  How do we connect with Him? What do we do when we feel weak and alone? Hopefully, TREK helps us know that our Heavenly Father is there and that He cares. 

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It's a lucky day.  Two giveaways on the same post. :)

I have a copy of the movie that I am willing to giveaway to someone with a US address.  Leave a comment below letting me know why you are excited to own your own copy!  Must be 13 or older to enter with a valid US mailing address.  This giveaway will close on July 23 with a winner picked and announced on the 24th.


  1. My mom just got home from the hospital and is unable to go to the movies. It would be great to win this and watch it with her!

  2. Being LDS but living nowhere near Utah makes it hard to see some of the movies that are released. I'd love to win a copy. The movie looks funny but with a great message that families can learn from. A great FHE for sure. Thanks for the chance!

    LLWaltz [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Laura, you are the winner. Sending you an email. :)


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