Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Lost StonesThe Lost Stones by Paul Rimmasch
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Source: Received electronic copy for review
Genre: Adventure

Book Description: 1600s Mexico- The Aztec Prince Ixtililxochitl writes that the first people to inhabit his land came from the Tower of Babel at the dividing of tongues…Scholars dismiss his writings as myth.
1800s Mid Western United States- Settlers dig into ancient burial mounds and discover thousands of slate tablets covered with a strange hieroglyphic writing and drawings depicting Jesus Christ…these artifacts are denounced as a hoax.
1909 Arizona-a newspaper runs a story describing how a cave containing metal artifacts and Egyptian-type hieroglyphics was discovered in the Grand Canyon by a group of Scientists from the Smithsonian Institute…the Smithsonian categorically denies the account.
These and other amazing facts make up the world of forbidden Book of Mormon Archaeology. It is a world BYU student and Iraqi War veteran Ammon Rogers never knew existed. He is thrust headlong into this world when he asks the enigmatic adventurer John Byrd a simple question. When John is kidnapped in Mexico, Ammon joins forces with John’s beautiful daughter in a desperate attempt to not only save John, but to find his answer…an answer that will change the world…an answer one sinister foe will do anything to suppress.

My thoughts: This is a very interesting book. I was impressed with the amount of research that Paul Rimmasch underwent to delve into the lost and hidden world of LDS Book of Mormon relics.

Ammon is a student at BYU. An innocent question in a religious class leads him on an unexpected journey. The archaeologist, John, who is helping him find the answers to his question is taken as hostage in Mexico. He teems up with John's daughter to liberate him. From there they visit many interesting places and are chased by an assassin.

This is a quick and easy read. It is interesting. If you love books that put together clues to find hidden treasure, this book would have appeal. It is written from an LDS perspective, but doesn't preach.  He does have an appendix where he documents his sources for the book.

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