Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review of "Charlie's Girl" by Mary-Helen & Daniel Foxx

Charlie's Girl by Mary-Helen & Daniel Foxx

Rating: 3.5 of 5
Source: Received from the Author's to review
Genre: Christian fiction

Book Description: Fourteen-year-old Rosalind has always been a foster girl without a past, until she’s sent to live with a long-lost grandmother in a house full of memories—and secrets. Soon Rosalind discovers that there’s more to her family history than she ever dreamed. Set in 1960s South Carolina, this unforgettable story of family, friendship, and faith is perfect for readers of all ages

Colleen's Thoughts: Rosalind was orphaned as a toddler when her parents were killed in an automobile accident.  Her grandfather passed away the same day.  With all of the traumatic news, her grandmother's mental state was so taxed that she fell into a catatonic state, remaining that way for 11 years.  When she recovered, she realized she had a granddaughter out there somewhere in the world, all alone.  She found Rosalind in Phoenix and brought her to live in South Carolina with her.  Their relationship was strained at first, but they gradually came to love and understand one another.  

This novel is written from an LDS perspective.  There are many scriptural references and spiritual experiences described in this book.  It is touching, uplifting, and worth reading, regardless of religious affiliation.  It provides an insightful look at the human condition:  why we react the way we do, why we inappropriately judge others, and how we can change if we truly want it badly enough.  Inspiring.

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