Saturday, August 11, 2012

LDSBA Convention

I am delighted that I had the opportunity to attend LDSBA convention this year. It was the first year that they opened it up to bloggers. It is a way to bring together people who are engaged in the distribution of LDS products to meet and make connections. I am so happy that they accepted my application!

 I met Jaclyn M Hawkes. I read and reviewed her book "The Most Important Catch" not too long ago. I also met Shonda of LDS Women's Book Review.  I also met a few other author's that I gave my card to. I hope to have some great books to review soon.

I walked away with a great bag of goodies.
If you ever get the chance to attend, you really should.

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  1. How awesome that they opened it to bloggers, I love that!


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