Friday, January 21, 2011

REVIEW - "Shades of Green"

Shades of GreenShades of Green by Ian Woodhead

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Holburn was just like any other northern English town, at least on the surface. Buried below the local woodland, something of ancient evil had begun to tunnel up...

Within hours, Holburn suffered a drastic transformation as invasive, bizarre plant-life infest the town, the population and wildlife transform into rampaging, blood-thirsty beasts.

A handful of survivor's battle to stay alive and search for answers.
description from Goodreads

I received an email from Ian asking me to review his book, I was very flattered. I love to be asked to review books.

My thoughts on this book, it reminds me of a 'B' Horror film. I started this book once, I was stuck on the freeway for two hours and couldn't concentrate. The story line was incredibly confusing. I set it aside until I could concentrate on it. You need to have time to pay close attention to the story to understand what is happening. It is not a skim through book.  There is also confusion with character names.  I don't know if the first pages somehow changed the future and characters of the book, or if he decided to switch character names and forgot to change the first part of the story.

Ian has come up with a very clever idea for a story. I would give him a higher rating for his creativity, if the story ran  more smoothly. It is hopping with action, maybe a little too much action and not enough plot development.

I think he has a very promising future ahead of him, he just needs to polish his writing.

The copy that I read came from Smashwords where you can also purchase this book.

For anyone sensitive to language, this book has a lot of profanity. I recommend only to adults.

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