Wednesday, January 12, 2011

REVIEW - "Out for Blood"

Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hunter Wild is the youngest in a long line of elite vampire hunters, a legacy that is both a blessing and a curse at the secret Helios-Ra Academy, where she excels at just about everything. Thanks to her friendship with Kieran Black, Hunter receives a special invitation to attend the coronation of Helena Drake, and for the first time, she sees the difference between vampires that must be hunted and vampires that can become friends—or even more. When students at the academy fall victim to a mysterious illness, Hunter suspects they are under attack from within. She will need someone she can trust to help her save the future of Helios-Ra . . . help that shockingly comes in the form of Quinn Drake, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire. Who said senior year would be easy? description from Goodreads

Hunter is a hunter of vampires. She is currently attending a private school that trains vampire hunters to become members of the Helios-Ra. The Helios-Ra have recently changed direction and have allied themselves with Drakes. The current royal family of vampires.

Hunter meets and becomes interested in one of the sons, Quinn. He is a total player, (he's good looking and he knows it, uses it to his advantage) he likes girls, pretty much any girl would do, until he realizes how much more there is to Hunter.

Meanwhile....there is something strange happening at the school. Students are becoming sick and the academy is attacked by bad vampires, the Hel-Blar. Hunter enlists friends from the school and Quinn to help her figure out what is going on and how to stop it.

This book is pure and simple fun. The Drake's are hilarious. I miss the interaction with the family that was in the first two books. This book mainly came from Hunter's point of view.  I started the book yesterday and finished it this morning.  It will not win any literary awards, but sometimes a girl has just gotta have a good time with a book.

I read this book in conjunction with LazyGirl's mini challenge.  It runs from January until April.  This was my "something new" selection.  This book was published December 21, 2010.  For more info on the mini challenge.  I have my post link listed in the upper left sidebar under 2011 challenges and a link to the challenge at LazyGirl's blog can be found in the lower left sidebar.

  This is a YA book, there is  kissing and some referral to female body parts.

Make sure to check back on Friday, where I will be participating in the Dreaming of Books blog hop.  I am in a vampire mood, I will be giving away "Nightlight", "Night at Suck Mansion" and  a collection of short stories "Vampires"  edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg.

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