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REVIEW & Giveaway! : My Enemy, My Beloved

My Enemy, My BelovedMy Enemy, My Beloved by Karl Vanghen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I did not know that the US kept POW's on American soil during WWII.

Most Americans don't know.... in 1945, approximately 371,000 WWII German POWs were housed in internment camps inside the United States - 6,000 in Minnesota - leading to My Enemy, My Beloved - historical fiction filled with love. Taken from the bookmark of My Enemy, My Beloved.

Elsa is curious about the German soldiers who come to her small town of New Ulm, Minnesota to work on the farms and in the factories. The farmers need extra hands, the youth of the United States are fighting in the dual fronts of Europe and the Pacific.

Henrik has a rough journey as a POW, he is not a Nazi and was pulled into the war to defend his fatherland against the invading Americans.  He was not a member of the Jugund, loyal to Hitler. His father did not feel that it was appropriate of a Christian, so he was not indoctrinated with the Hitler agenda.

The first third of book is about both of their journeys and events that eventually lead to their meeting.  It is filled with many interesting facts and explains the political and social climate of the time.  I was amazed at the amount of prejudice.  On the German side, prejudice against anyone who was not in thrall with Hitler and didn't believe that the fatherland would eventually conquer the world.  In America, many were prejudice against all Germans, thinking that all were bad.
Elsa and Henrik have a long road to travel until they can fully express their love for one another, and ultimately be married and share their lives together.

It took me a bit to become engrossed into this book, the first was part was slow but laid a great foundation for the conclusion of the story.  I enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend it with a few cautions, there is profanity and sexual situations.  This book is for adults in my opinion.

There were a few quotes that I found interesting.

"But the war is terrible."
"That it is.  War's are the curse of mankind."
"Maybe this will be the last one," David suggested.
"No my boy.  They will go on and on until there ain't a one of us left.  Our kind had been fightin' every since we first learned to carry a stick in our hand." 


"Every President, no matter who he is, has got folks cussin' him, and praisin' him at the same time.  It'll be the same with Truman.  Once he's up on the pedestal, he'll be fair game.  Everyone'll take a shot at him."

"Well, honey.  Life is a school.  The sun will come up tomorrow, the same as it did today.  Things will happen that we can control, and things will happen that we can't control.  All we can do then is toughen up and see it through.

Now for the giveaway.  I will be giving away the copy that the author sent me for review.  It does have the quotes mentioned above highlighted, but has only been read once by me.  You do not have to be a follower, but you do have to live in the United States.  I will be sending it by media mail.  Winner will be chosen using and the contest will run until February 7th 11:59 pm MST.  You must be 17 or older to enter contest.

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About the Author:

Karl's interest in writing and painting were put on hold until he had time to pursue those avocations.  Before his retirement he became an award winning wildlife artist, and now, an author of historical fiction - and a love affair.

You can visit his website at

I received a copy of the book to review.  My review is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by receiveing a copy of the book.

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  1. This book sounds very interesting. I saw a movie once about this -- I hadn't known we kept POW's out in farmlands either until I saw that movie. Thanks for the giveaway!


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