Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review ~ "The Watchers" by Ashley Jensen

The Watchers by Ashley Jensen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received digital copy to review
Genre: Suspense/Mystery

Book Description:   Emergency Room doctor Brian James stared down at the lifeless body on the stretcher. It seemed to be just another unfortunate death in the hospital, but for Brian it was a corpse that was about to send him spiraling into a world of deadly assassins, cryptic cults, and otherworldly beings. In a desperate struggle to stay alive and uncover the secrets of a hidden civilization, Brian is thrust into an uneasy alliance with the beautiful and mysterious Aella. Together they must use science, determination, and clues buried within the Dead Sea Scrolls to uncover a centuries-old secret before they become the expert assassin’s next victims. 

My thoughts: Brian is an emergency room Dr. who finds himself pulled into a world he didn't know existed when he treats a patient who has been impaled with a chair leg. He becomes the hunted from a secret society who avoid discovery at all costs.

This book is full of action. It was easy to be pulled into the story. I personally love to read books where the main character has a sarcastic personality. Brian is so full of sarcasm that I found myself snickering at his snide comebacks and unconventional wit.

The biggest draw for me was the society of "Watchers". Ashley Jensen uses one of my favorite paranormal/mythological/biblical creatures, the Nephilim. There are many fun and thought provoking theories about them, and Ashley has created her own version. She wove it well into her own story.

She has also taken elements from the medical field. I thought it interesting that I was reading about telomeres just before I started reading this book. I loved linking my new knowledge to Ashley's research. It was actually kind of cool.

I will admit that I personally know Ashley. She lives in my neighborhood. When I found out she had written a book, I knew that I needed to support her in her efforts. I am so happy that I liked her book. (HUGE sigh of relief!) It makes reviewing it so much easier.

The book has an intricate, yet easy to follow plot. The main characters are opposites. Aella is too literal, logical, and stuffy. Brian is quick to humor, easy going, and like I mentioned before, sarcastic. The blend of personality quirks added a lot to the story. It really made it enjoyable to get to know the characters and see how the related to each other and situations.

The book does contain violence, innuendo, and swearing.  This is a great debut book.  I feel that as Ashley continues her trilogy, her writing will only get better.

The Kindle edition is just $2.99! 

About Ashley:  Ashley Jensen is a professional writer and former managing editor of three professional magazines. She enjoys the outdoors and is frequently hiking and backpacking. She is a former rock-climbing instructor, fanatic researcher, and a marathoner.

Ashley grew up in a deeply religious society in the midst of a college town where she developed a fascination with the seemingly contradictory interplay of science and religion. This fascination plays out in her book resulting in a rare and effective combination of medical science and religiously oriented supernatural while providing a thrilling story of discovery, cryptic cults, and vengeance. To find out more, visit

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