Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Review ~ "Dream Girl" by S.J. Lomas

Dream GirlDream Girl by S.J. Lomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Fantasy YA

Book Description: For Christine, dreams have never meant much. Until she meets Gabriel. Everyone thinks Christine should stay away from her new coworker at the library—thanks to his bad reputation—but when her dreams grow more vivid and she becomes entangled in a dangerous dream world with Gabriel every night, she can’t stay away. Soon it’s clear there is far more to dreams than Christine ever imagined, and now she’s on the path to making the biggest, and strangest, decision of her life.

My thoughts: Christine is worried about moving to another state her Senior year of high school. While working at the library, a strange and mysterious boy is hired. Sparks are instantaneous between the two of them. There is something different about him that peaks her curiosity. Things begin to make more sense when she is pulled into his dream world.

I found the concept of this book to be interesting. Imagine going into a dream, where the events are real. You can be hurt, you can meet people who are real, you can pop up in strange and dangerous situations.

The book has another world feeling and quality to it. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the difference between the dream world and the every day world. The book is well paced and has shares interesting concepts.  The romance is sudden, but I can see the author's point in that.  Gabriel desperately needed someone to hold onto.  He is  hurting and needs stability and love.

I enjoyed the book. There are a few rough or patchy spots, but overall I would say that it is well done. It's thought out and implemented in an easy to read and follow format.

There are kissing scenes, fighting scenes, and mild swearing.

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