Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog tour ~ "Skylight" by Kevin Hopkins

The catastrophe has been predicted for decades. But it arrives with a swiftness no one expects. On an otherwise beautiful October evening, the air at high altitudes suddenly becomes unbreathable, depleted of oxygen. The consequences are devastating.
In the United States alone, 12 million people die, almost instantly.
Energy executive Martin Fall is with his family in Denver on the day of The Catastrophe. Miraculously left alive, he begins the long journey home to Los Angeles, as society begins collapsing all around him. Within months, the city becomes an armed compound, teeming with 80 million migrants fleeing for the safety of lower altitudes. Fall is lost among them, struggling for a reason to go on.
But soon he has no choice. Trapped in a web of lies from those he trusted, allied with others he barely knows, he must risk his life for a technology he scarcely comprehends—one that may be the world’s only salvation.
My thoughts:  I am in the process of reading this book.  The full review will come.  Today is my stop on the tour and I wanted to share with you what I am thinking part way through the book.
Nightmare is a  word that comes to mind to describe the events in this book. 

 Martin is at a soccer game watching his daughter when a bird drops from the sky.  In a matter of minutes, people are dropping.  Oxygen levels drop to levels that do not sustain life.  Martin watches the people he cares about die.  There is nothing that he can do, and he is desperate to do something.
The story vacillates between the natural event and living life after the event.  Martin is now homeless, he has lost everything when his previous employers come looking for him.  They desperately need him to help make life better.  Someone is sabotaging reconstruction efforts and they need him to figure out who is behind the destruction.
This book is about man's desire to survive.  It's about the human condition and the tendencies of mankind to rebel when their luxuries are taken away from them.  It's about a man who has lived in the devastation who has a desire to help his fellowmen.  It's about deceit and a quest for power.  I will be finishing this book!  I need to know who the bad guy is.  I want Martin to find peace and a semblance of happiness. A full review will be coming asap!

About the Author:  Kevin Hopkins is the director of energy and environmental research for The Communications Institute, a Los Angeles-based think tank. He previously served as director of the White House Office of Policy Information, where he advised the President of the United States on economic, energy, and environmental policy, and also was senior policy counsel to the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. He has published several books on U.S. economic and social policy, including “The Catastrophe Ahead” and “Poverty and Welfare Dependency,” and served for 20 years as a senior contributing editor to Business Week magazine. Skylight is his first novel.

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