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Review "Precedent" by Paula Wiseman

Precedent: Book Three: Covenant of Trust SeriesPrecedent: Book Three: Covenant of Trust Series by Paula Wiseman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: won at Goodreads - First Reads
Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction

Book Description from Goodreads: When Brad Molinsky's life is cut short by a stray bullet... Jack loses more than a brother, and slips into directionless despondency. Shannon's grief finds its outlet in angry rebellion, but with devastating consequences. Chuck struggles with a sense of powerlessness and with the fear he's brought a far-reaching curse on his family with his affair. Bobbi teeters on the edge of emotional collapse, but a cancer diagnosis seems to offer her a way out. Yet, in their darkest moments, God sends hope and answers from the most unexpected places.

My thoughts: The Molinsky's are a family that you can't help but feel an instant like and kinship to. They have dealt with many emotional issues in the first two books and this books is not different in that regard.

The oldest son is tragically murdered in the first chapter of the book. This opens the door for adversity, exploration of faith, God's hand, repentance, unconditional love, and negative thoughts and emotions.

Paula Wiseman does a wonderful job at descriptive and empathetic writing. As a reader, I understood the characters thoughts and emotions and how they came to their beliefs and decisions. I loved that she illustrated that no matter where we are, or what we've done, God loves us and He does not abandon us.

This is the third book in a series.  To fully understand the journey of the Molinsky family, I would recommend reading the first two books first.

I am adding the kindle links to the books.  They range in price from $2.99 to $3.99.

Contingency (Covenant of Trust)

Indemnity: Book Two: Covenant of Trust Series

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