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"Clockwiser" by Elle Strauss ~ Review

Clockwiser (Clockwise, #2)Clockwiser by Elle Strauss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received from Elle Strauss to review
Genre: YA (Historical Fiction with Sci Fi/Fantasy)

Book Description from Goodreads: The last year has been smooth sailing for Casey Donovan. She and her boyfriend Nate are doing better than ever, and things at home are good, too. Everything’s been so calm, she hasn’t even “tripped” back to the nineteenth century.

Then the unthinkable happens and she accidentally takes her rebellious brother Tim back in time. It’s 1862 with the Civil War brewing, and for Tim this spells adventure and excitement. Finding himself stuck in the past, he enlists in the Union army, but it doesn’t take long before he discovers real life war is no fun and games.

Casey and Nate race against the clock to find Tim, but the strain wears on their relationship. It doesn’t help that the intriguing new boy next door has his sights on Casey, and isn’t shy to let her know it. 

Can Nate and Casey find Tim in time to save him? And is it too late to save their love?

My thoughts: Casey has an unique ability. She is a time traveler. This book is a sequel an I liked it just as much as the first book.

Casey travels back to the 1800's with her brother. She has figured out that her time travel happens in a stressful moment. What is more stressful than a mother finding drugs in her brother's bedroom? Trying to talk to her brother, they both take a trip back in time.

Tim is having an emotional/rebellious crisis. He looks at the time travel as a sort of game. The rules of the past don't apply to him, or so he thinks.

Casey never knows when she will come home. She gets a tingly feeling and knows that she has moments before she is home. Tim didn't heed her call and stayed in the past. She even manages to bring a person from the past into the future!

The book has some wonderful historic elements. The time period is of the US Civil War. I'm glad that Elle Strauss didn't sugarcoat the hardship and death rate of the soldiers.

This is some romance angst, some action, and historical research.

I hope in the next book we find out what happens to Will. He's the young man she inadvertently brought to the present with her. There is quite a bit that can happen with that story and I look forward to reading the next installment.

The Amazon kindle version of this book is only $3.99 CLOCKWISER (Book 2 in the Clockwise series)

The first book in the series, Clockwise, is free at the moment on Amazon kindle!

CLOCKWISE (book one in the Clockwise series)

There are also two companion books to this series on Amazon kindle.

I purchased the Novelette "Clocked" - my review will be below for $1.95.
CLOCKED (A Novelette Companion to Clockwise)

Like Clockwork is a companion novel for $3.95.
Like Clockwork (A Clockwise Series Companion Novel)



My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: I purchased this one on Amazon kindle!

 Description from Goodreads: Written from Nate Mackenzie's point of view, this new companion novelette to the Clockwise series is a much expanded version of the short story found in the In His Eyes Anthology (from 3k to 15k). Ever wonder how Nate got talked into asking Casey to dance on a dare? And what it felt like for him to experience 1860? How he really felt about Casey Donovan? Now you can know!!

My thoughts: This is a great companion novella to "Clockwise". I loved seeing Nate's point of view. My opinion of him has increased quite a bit.

Read "Clockwise" first and then this one. It lacks many of the details because it is a novella, but is fun to read.


  1. Lovely review! This sounds very powerful and intriguing. I may have to check it out.

  2. I read the first book and enjoyed it I also have this one sitting in my kindle...can't wait to get to it. Great review!


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