Friday, June 1, 2012

Review ~ "Minor Adjustments" by Rachael Renee Anderson

Minor AdjustmentsMinor Adjustments by Rachael Renee Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: I purchased this one!
Genre: Contemporary romance (clean)

Book description from GoodreadsChicago businessman and bachelor Devon Pierce is completely unprepared to be the guardian of Australian four-year-old Ryan Caldwell. But Ryan's solicitor, Stella Walker, won't take no for an answer. Little does Devon know this "minor" adjustment will grant him a future he never expected to have. Told in a fast-paced, poignant, and witty style, Minor Adjustments will take you on a journey of humor, growth, romance, and love.

My thoughts: I have been interested in reading a Rachael Renee Anderson book for quite awhile. I have visited her blog several times and many of my blogging friends love her books.

I picked this book up at the Cedar Fort outlet store, wanting to give her books a try. I'm very glad that I purchased this book. It's definitely a keeper and will sit proudly on my shelf and one that I will recommend to my friends. I may even let them borrow it. :) (If they are really nice and trustworthy.) I will definitely be reading more of her work.

At the beginning of the book, Devon is a business owner and doing very well for himself. He is consumed by his work. When he is contacted and visits Australia to take guardianship of a four year old boy, it is the least likely scenario for him.

Reluctantly he agrees to a two week trial, thinking that he will walk away at the end of his two weeks to return back to his home and business in Chicago. What he doesn't realize is how much the love of a child can change you. The fact that the solicitor handling the case is beautiful and also loves Ryan is a benefit.

This is a great story about learning what love truly is and what is important to have a productive and fulfilled life.

I finished this book just before midnight last night.  It is my May selection for this challenge.

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