Thursday, June 30, 2016

Free Novella~ Summer of Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Summer of Dreams by Elizabeth CamdenSummer of Dreams by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Free for Amazon Kindle
Gernre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Book Description:  The daughter of a powerful army general, Evelyn White vows she will never marry a man in uniform. Which is why Clyde Baxter, a West Point cadet on the verge of graduation, presents a problem. Their attraction is instantaneous, but it threatens Evelyn's lifelong dream of going to college. 

Clyde's brilliance in the new field of electrical power has him poised for a promising career in the Army's Corps of Engineers. The one thing he never anticipated was Evelyn White, a woman whose soaring ambition matches his own.

As they fall in love over the course of one magical summer, they believe dreams are enough to weather any challenge. But when they are tested by forces neither saw coming, will the fragile bonds forged during those dream-filled summer days be strong enough to survive the storm?

My thoughts: This is a novella that I "purchased" for FREE from Amazon. It is a prequel to a novel that I will be reading soon, From This Moment.

This story is about a West Point Cadet, Clyde, and an independent minded young woman, Evelyn. She wants to go to school and study Engineering, but as a General's daughter that path is forbidden to her. Clyde is a brilliant engineer that has a hard time obeying all of the rules and finds himself with demerits.

To work off demerits he has to help the General's daughter with her "birdhouse". The scope of the project comes as a surprise and he finds friendship and love unexpectedly.

The story is about love, acceptance, and honor. I would have liked to see more character development, but this was a novella. I hope that I will read more of Clyde and Evelyn in the full length novel that is about Romulus. He is eccentric and I look forward to finding out more about him .

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