Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Ground by Tracy Winegar

Good Ground by Tracy Winegar
Publisher:  Omnific
Release date:  July 30, 2013

Book Description: Jim’s faith in God is tested by the death of his cherished wife and child. His life becomes barren, and he loses hope and the ability to continue.

But God plants in his heart the seeds of a new beginning and the will to go on through an orphan child. Jim nurtures this child with the same devotion that he invests in his land. The result is a son of whom any father would be proud. Jim’s gift continues through Ellis.

Ellis in turn cares passionately for his own farm, his friends, and eventually another lost soul. When he finds Clairey in the midst of a blizzard, he rescues her from her desperate life, and she grows into a capable a strong woman under his care. Jim’s legacy comes full circle.

All things grow in love. . .

My thoughts:  I have looked through the reviews of this book, and it is highly recommended. I have started the book but not finished it at the time of writing this post.  

I love the analogy of reaping what you sow.  Jim loves to work on his farm.  He takes great care of his plants.  He lovingly starts them and cares for them until they are ready to go into the soil.  He takes pride in working with the earth.  He loves it, until tragedy strikes.  He looses his wife in childbirth, with her and the baby he looses his joy and his desire to care for his farm.

Things change for him when Ellis comes into his life.  He takes the reaping and sowing and teaches the boy.  The boy then takes the lessons and passes them on.  That is an amazingly great premise for a story in my mind.

I found the part that I read to  be well written.  Tracy Winegar writes with a great voice and is able to plant her scenes into the mind of the reader.  This is a book that I look forward to finishing.

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