Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Promo ~ "A Soft Landing" by Stacey Blake

As A Soft Landing opens, Stacey Blake tries to process her instant life-changing diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). She is immediately immersed in a world of serious medical procedures, including a bone marrow biopsy and preparation for a stem cell transplant. Throughout her journey, she looks for signs of reassurance from the Almighty.

Stacey alternates accounts of her years of leukemia treatment and setbacks with chapters relating to her business, personal, and spiritual growth, including meeting her husband Tom, visitations by angels, and a near-death experience. Through prayer and reflection, Stacey finds a deep sense of peace — and miracles begin to occur as she is enveloped in loving kindness.

Tom tries to make sense of why this disease invaded their lives, asking if it is a punishment for misdeeds of the past, while Stacey sees the cancer as an invaluable life lesson — a call to action — for compassion, empathy, patience, and faith. When Stacey is at her lowest point, she finds love unlike anything she had ever dreamt in Tom's eyes. The hand of God is on her, guiding and protecting her.

She faces grieving for her old life and self and takes the brave steps needed to let go. Stacey shares the meaning of A Soft Landing - knowing that no matter how much pain or how far away from God we may have traveled, we can always come back home and rest within Him.

About Stacey Blake: An extremely successful businesswoman, Stacey Blake co-founded and ran a popular frozen food company for over twenty-eight years. She was twice awarded the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Leadership, as well as twice named New Hampshire Businesswoman of the Year. An inspirational memoir, A Soft Landing is her first book.

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