Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children's book review ~ "Where the Snow Leopard Prowls: Wild Animals of Tibet" by Naomi Rose

Where the Snow Leopard Prowls: Wild Animals of Tibet by Naomi Rose

Rating: 4 of 5 starts
Genre: Childrens Non-fiction picture book
Source: Received electronic copy for review

Book Description: Where Snow Leopard Prowls: A captivating book on the amazing animals of Tibet and the stunning Tibetan Plateau. Luminous paintings, fascinating facts, and engaging activities will delight and inspire readers of all ages. Best of all, this book fosters a personal connection to wildlife, the natural world, and Mother Earth.

The book also includes a glossary and suggested activities.

My thoughts: Where the Snow Leopard Prowls teaches children about the animals that live in Tibet.  Naomi Rose has wonderful illustrations showing the climate and features of each animal.  She describes the terrain  that the animals live in, and the features they have that make it so they can live in the environment.

At the end of the book she has listed interesting facts about Tibet and a little of the culture.  She also has creative activities for kids to help them understand and retain the information they just learned.

I think this is a great resource for young children to learn a little about several animals.  They pictures will hold a child's attention and teach as well as the words.

About Naomi: (taken from her webpage) I've had a deep interest in spiritual traditions and ways of peace since early childhood. In 2nd grade, I visited numerous churches and temples to find one that suited me. In the end, I decided to make up my own. I would rise early Sunday mornings, set the table for the family brunch as an act of service, and then go on a nature walk around the block, admiring the tree, flowers and plants, ants, spiders, and all. 

Over the years, I've explored and attempted to incorporate various spiritual teachings in my life. In 1994, after a powerful nighttime dream, I became enamored with Tibetan culture and wisdom. 
The Tibetan ways of peace and their unique culture became dear to my hear and soon I began work on my first children's book, Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas. I've now devoted over fifteen years to writing, painting, and teaching about Tibet and its mystical wisdom. 

Nature is another big theme in my life. From girl scouts, to backpacking in the Sierras, to living in places of natural beauty, I've been nourished by nature my whole life. My first big painting series was of the Temperate Rain Forest which I called Art for the Ancients. I hope to return to nature themes in some of my creative projects in the near future. 

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