Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review ~ "Seeking Persephone" by Sarah M. Eden

Seeking Persephone (The Lancaster Family #1)Seeking Persephone by Sarah M. Eden
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: I purchased this one
Genre: Historical Romance (Clean)

Book description:  The Duke of Kielder has more influence than Parliament, higher social standing than the Royal Family. No gentleman dares face him on the dueling field, nor risks testing his infamous temper. But His Grace is in need of a wife. Combine his fearsome reputation with a terribly scarred countenance and finding a lady willing to accept his hand becomes all-but impossible. When the Duke manages to secure a bride through a bit of trickery and an obscene amount of money, he is certain his problems are behind him. Except his purchased bride proves to be nothing like he expected. What is a man like the Duke to do with a bride who is gentle, loving and absolutely impossible to live without?

My thoughts:  This book has been sitting on my shelf at home for far too long. I purchased the book and several more of Sarah Eden's books because I really want to read them. I have heard (or read) good things about them and couldn't wait to discover them for myself.

Persephone is a lovable and vulnerable character. She lives her life for everyone else, she sacrifices her wants and desires to help the people she loves. When she receives an offer of marriage by post, offering her family a substantial financial gain to accept The Duke of Kielder as her husband, she accepts. Her family is in dire financial straits and once again she can rescue them.

She comes into a marriage to a man who is physically and emotionally scarred. He is gruff and hard to get along with. She tries to figure out why, and how can she help him. She wants to understand him so that maybe she could have the marriage that she has always wanted. She doesn't look at him with pity and loathing when she sees his scars. She sees another person who is in need of love.

The Duke is so cranky that it is almost comic at times. He pushes everyone away so that he won't be hurt. His best friend is able to get past the crusty exterior and does make tense situations funny. I really enjoy their relationship.

This is a book about two lost souls who are thrown together and learn how to love and trust.

There are ZERO content warnings for this book.  I would let my teen read it in a heartbeat.

I read this book as my April selection for the Just For Fun Challenge.

The kindle edition is $2.99

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