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The Rebellious One: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance by Jeanette Lewis

The Rebellious One: A Billionaire Bride Pact RomanceThe Rebellious One: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance by Jeanette Lewis
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:  Holly Clarke is all set to marry the man of her dreams. Or rather, the man of her parents’ dreams. Whoever heard of a girl in 2016 America being betrothed? Holly knows she has to find a way out of the engagement—especially when she meets mysterious, sexy Jordan Fischler. But Jordan has a secret, and loving him could mean the end of everything Holly knows.

My thoughts: This is a quick and easy read. I had it finished in less than a day.

This is an installment of the Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Series. Each of the books can be read on their own and in no particular order. The premise is that teenage girls at summer camp made a pact that they would marry billionaires or have to sing the camp song at their wedding. I keep hoping that more of them will have to sing the song.

Holly is an heiress who has an arranged marriage. Her parents and their business partner decided that they would have their children marry to keep the control of the company consolidated. For some reason, Holly and her intended, Britt, have gone along with all of these years. Then comes the time when Holly begins to want more from a marriage. She wants love and romance.

This is where the book takes an interesting turn. Introduce Jordan, a handsome man who Holly finds irresistible. He is keeping a secret that could ruin everything.

I liked Holly's character. I had a hard time with an arranged marriage and Britt's thoughts about the whole thing. I wasn't fond of parents who are concerned about their own interests instead of the happiness of their children. I did like Jordan. I liked how the ending came to be.

The book is written well, there were just a couple of things that seemed unrelatable for me. I like this series, I just would like to see more of the girls find a nice stable middle class man to marry and have a happily ever after.

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  1. I read most of the books in this series. I was curious of your thoughts on it. I see what you are saying about the being betrothed, I din't think much of it. I guess I should have. Overall I see these books as sweet but quick easy reads. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. It really shouldn't have bothered me because it was a story, but it did. I have enjoyed this series, for some reason I didn't connect with this one as much as the others.


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