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The Librarian Shoots a Gun: An Audrey Scott Mystery by Amber Gilchrist

The Librarian Shoots a Gun: An Audrey Scott Mystery (Audrey Scott Mysteries Book 1)The Librarian Shoots a Gun: An Audrey Scott Mystery by Amber Gilchrist
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: LDS Mystery/Suspense

Book Description:  Audrey Scott is more upset for her jilted cousin than for the best man who supposedly disappeared and caused the cancellation of the wedding. That is, until the cops come around looking for him on suspicion of murder. When that very same best man, Foster McGuire, ends up bleeding in Audrey's closet, she has no choice but to try and get him off the hook for a crime he didn't commit. 

Too bad there's too many people, from an irritating homicide detective who's way too attractive for Audrey's own good, right to mob bosses, who don't want to see Foster McGuire tell his story. Audrey is no detective. In fact, she's a children's librarian. However, there's always room for some good old investigation work between story times, and she's going to use the skills she knows to follow a trail that starts with murder and ends with betrayal, with a whole lot of guns in between.

My thoughts: I am so happy that this is an "Audrey Scott Mysteries Book 1". I really enjoyed Audrey and her quirky sense of humor and willingness to step up when others step back. I also wanted there to be a little more with Detective John Smith. Maybe there will be in the future? I can only hope.

Audrey is a librarian. She loves books, she knows books. What she doesn't know is guns. That is one of the things that makes this book interesting. A bookish librarian looking for clues to help solve a murder. She is good at research, but research is only the beginning of her investigation. She also knows how to help people. She is good at seeing the needs of others and acting.  I also need to point out that she is short, you don't often get a short heroine, so I am  happy.  I have a couple of inches on her.

There are a few other characters that were part of Audrey's circle of friends that have some mystery behind them. I'm sure after this investigation that she will get to the bottom of them.

The book moves at a good pace. It didn't drag for me. I think I mentioned above how much I loved Audrey. I also enjoyed the fact that I was kept guessing at who the good guys and who the bad guys were up until the end. I had an idea, but never knew for sure.

This book is a clean suspense with characters who are LDS. Religion is important to Audrey, but not the main point of the book.

About the Author: (taken from Goodreads)  Amber Gilchrist lives in New Mexico with her husband and three children. She writes YA for upper teens, as well as LDS Romantic Comedies. She calls her lifetime of jumping from one job to another 'experience' for her books and not an inability to settle down. Amber loves mysteries and a good, happy romance. She also loves to laugh. Sometimes she likes all of them together.

A fan of quirky movies and indie books, Amber likes to be with her family, is socially inept, and fears strangers and small yippy dogs. She alternates between writing and being a mom and wife. She tries to do both at the same time but her kids don't appreciate being served lunch and told, "This is the hot dog of your discontent." So mostly she writes when everyone else is in bed.

Amber loves to hear from readers and can be reached at

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