Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review ~ "Desert Rains" by Jana S. Brown

Desert RainsDesert Rains by Jana S. Brown
My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars
Source: Received from Author to Review
Genre: Futuristic Western Romance

Book Description:  Life in the future isn’t so different after all. Welcome to Galileo, a planet of extremes where air cars and horse-drawn wagons march side by side, and powerful storms compete with the burning sun. A planet where a man can make his fortune…or lose it.

Richard Tyler came to Galileo in pursuit of Anna Reches, the girl of his dreams. Taking a job at the Double P Ranch was convenient and paid the bills. He never thought he’d come to love it, nor did he expect an undeniable attraction to his employer, Miss Charlene. With two paths spread before him, which does he choose? The wealthy socialite and luxury he was born to, or the cattle rancher who challenges him at every step and makes his blood run hot?

With a busy desert ranch to run, Charlene Petersmire doesn’t have time for a relationship, nor does she want one, at least not until Richard Tyler walks into her world. He’s a brilliant technician and a charming man, but as her employee he’s strictly off-limits and her heart’s been broken before by a handsome face. Does she dare cross boundaries for a man courting her enemy?

Will they face the oncoming storm together, or will love be washed away by the fury of the desert rains?

My thoughts: It's hard to classify this book into a specific genre. It is a Western that is set in the future. The characters and setting have an old time feel to them, but they have technology. The cultured men have manners and know how to treat a lady and the women mostly wear dresses. Wagons and high tech transportation are both used. People come from different planets to settle this desert world.

Charlene and Richard are the main characters of the story. They have a rock start, but it doesn't take long for them to appreciate the talents and attributes of the other. They work hard and have an undeniable attraction to each other. The problem is that Richard is already courting another woman, Anna. It would not be honorable for Richard to pursue Charlene until he is free from Anna.

There is romance and danger in the book. Charlene has powerful enemies, but she has loyal friends and supporters. The book is about the struggle for survival in harsh conditions with a romance included.

The book has a lot of mild swear words, non-graphic violence,  and innuendo.

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