Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rap with a Message ~ "The Primary Program" CD by Maurice Dew

I was contacted by Maurice and asked if I would be willing to listen to his music CD and let everyone know what I thought of it.  I will admit that I was surprised when I popped it into my CD player and heard a rap beat.  Behind the beat is the traditional music that is associated with LDS Primary (children's) church songs.

I was intrigued by this unexpected development.  Inside the CD was a paper giving his blog URL saying that there was information of how the Primary Program came to be.  I took a look and found that he has had a hard time selling his project.  Here is the url  I'm sure that he would love you to stop by and take a look.

One thing that I don't talk about on this blog is that I have a musical background.  I play the violin and I did quite a bit of singing.  Listening to a music CD for me isn't much of a stretch.  I feel pretty comfortable with my knowledge and love of music.

I admit to being a little conflicted while I pondered Maurice's CD.  No, it's not traditional music.  It goes outside of the box.  I realized that there is a place for his work.  He is filling a niche where not many have been willing to tread.

He has taken his beliefs and put them out for the public to hear.  I can tell he put a lot of his heart and soul into the project.  He faced opposition to the making of this CD.  He felt strongly enough about the  idea that he persevered and continued. That shows a great strength of character to me.

I wish him well with his CD.  If this is something that you would be interested in, please go to his blog and listen to a sampling of his music.  There are also purchase options there.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of the music CD in trade for an honest opinion.

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