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Blog Tour ~ "The Matchup" by Laura L Walker

The Matchup by Laura L Walker
Rating" 4 of 5 stars
Genre: LDS Contemporary Romance
Source: Received Electronic copy to review

Book Description:  The last thing Valerie wants or needs is to work for Gage, whom she loathed as a teen. But Valerie’s husband just walked out on her and she needs the job. Together they discover that when it comes to the Church and each other, it’s all about second chances. This sweet LDS romance will renew your faith in love and redemption.

My thoughts: First impressions can be a hard thing to overcome.  As a youth, Gage loved to torment Valerie.  A fact that she has not forgotten over time.   Now both are adults dealing with divorce and single parenthood.  They find that they need each other to navigate the paths their lives have entered.

The book deals with the opportunity for second chances. It deals with healing and finding a way back to happiness and faith.

I enjoy Laura Walker's writing style.  It is light and humorous.  The book deals with some serious issues, but I didn't feel burdened.  She handled them well and was able to get her point across in the story.  The book does contain a lot of religious dialogue.  The focus is on finding your way back after falling away.

Read An Excerpt:


The grim line of Gage's mouth told her all she needed to know about how he felt about missions. He obviously hasn't come back into the Church, she thought sadly. He was one against the world, a feeling she was very familiar with lately. For some strange reason, the thought made Valerie want to wrap her arms arms around him.

Which, of course, she would never do.

"What's wrong, Gage?"

He shrugged as if whatever was bothering him was of no consequence, but Valerie recognized the signs of someone in distress--the averted gaze and loud wallowing. The jawline that was tight enough to crack his teeth.

And although he was obviously trying for a light tone, Valerie didn't miss the strain in his voice. "I'm just trying to figure a few things out. Mainly, I've decided that I need to file for custody of my four-year-old son, but the logistics of that change will be difficult to work around, especially where my job is concerned."

She hadn't known that he'd gotten married. No sooner had that thought come when another followed, which formed a sick feeling in her stomach. What if he hadn't?


About the Author: Laura Walker is a native Arizonan. Having lived there all their lives, she and her husband, Rob, think it's a great place to raise their six kids. They enjoy camping, reading, and learning history together. Laura loves to settle in with a good romance just as much as she loves to write one. She would love to have you visit her at for updates and more.

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