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The Azra's Pith Series for Middle Grade Readers

The Return of General Drake (Azra's Pith, Book 2)The Return of General Drake by Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received from the Author to Review
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Book Description: When Alexander arrived in Verhonia, something went terribly wrong. A dark spell delivered from the mountains of Acadia sent him on a dangerous journey in the middle of the night. As he marched into the mountains the great city of Verhonia was ambushed and burned to the ground by Roman’s army of vicious giant murks. 
With a battle looming over the realm, General Drake was asked to come back to Azra’s Pith. He swore he would never return; but after discovering his son was under a spell and in the grips of a dark sorcerer he had no choice.
Things take a wild turn in the mountains; with runaways, hungry wolves and a mysterious, young empyrean wizard thrown into the adventure. A tight race against time and evil was in full swing. With faith and a little magic they just might come out on top.

My thoughts: It has been a while since I read the first book. The details of the land and story are vague in my memory.

I think it would be helpful to read the books right after the other to appreciate the story more.

This book takes place in a parallel world. Alexander is the King's grandson and as such he is a valuable person in the war between good and evil. As this story begins he is put under a spell to leave home and find his way to Imperius.

This book is about his father trying to rescue him, a war, and finding good friends. It moves at a quick pace and the writing style is easy for children to follow along.  I can't say that it was my favorite series for Middle Grade, but it is full of imagination and would be a book that many Middle Grade readers will enjoy.

View all my reviews The Butterfly Curse (Azra's Pith, Book 3)The Butterfly Curse by Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received from the Author to Review
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Book Description:  Several years have passed since the battle in the mountains. Azra's Pith was peaceful and Alexander was in love, but something still didn't seem right. Alexander wondered what had become of Imperius. The dark sorcerer was out there somewhere. Did it still have powers? Was it hunting Alexander? He looked over his shoulder day and night until he realized his worries were consuming him. He made a promise to let go of his fears. 

For Alexander timing has always had a sense of irony. On a beautiful, worry-free day, an adventure with the river pirates brings him face to face with Imperius again. The dark sorcerer vanished, taking Sarah, Alexander's love. To find her he will have to travel through the depths of evil and face Imperius once and for all. About to lose the love of his life the same way he lost his mother, Alexander's only hope is a leap of faith and the Butterfly Curse.

My thoughts: This is the third and final installment to the Azra's Pith series.

Alexander and his friends have enjoyed several years of quiet. Alexander knew that Imperius was waiting to make a move. He knew that Sarah was still in danger. He wasn't sure how much power Imperius possessed or when he would strike.

A pleasant outing turns dangerous when Imperius kidnaps Sarah. This gives Alexander the determination to track down Imperius and save Sarah, the girl he loves.

This book has adventure and is written at a very quick pace that will hold a middle grade readers attention. In this installment Alexander is a teen, so a little older than the target reader. There is also a few mild kisses.


  1. This sounds like a good series and one many middle grade readers will enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you think it would be interesting enough for a 10 yr old boy?

    1. I think he might like the series. They are not bogged down in detail, but run at a quick pace. It has fantasy elements. It really depends on what kind of books your son likes.


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