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Blog Tour ~ "Fearless, Fabulous You!: Lessons on Living Life on Your Terms" by Melanie Young

Fearless, Fabulous You!: Lessons on Living Life on Your Terms by Melanie Young
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Genre: Motivational / Self-Help

Book Description:  Stay fearless and fabulous in the face of any opposition! Breast cancer survivor and former PR exec Melanie Young, author of Getting Things off My Chest, knows how to do it. And now she shares her secrets in Fearless, Fabulous You!:

My thoughts: There is a ton of wonderful and inspirational material packed into this book. Melanie Young's approach is motivational. She is able to take a section of information and pack it full of information to help me see how to do better and live better.

This was a book that I kept finding passages and sharing them with my husband. I kept thinking that she had a great approach to sharing great advice. I have many places in the book highlighted. There were many times that even though I knew what she was saying, I hadn't thought of it in the way presented. Presentation is often the catalyst to rediscovering truths that we already know.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book (this is a small representation).

"You may not be happy every hour of the day. But try to do something that makes you smile and feel good very day. Snack on laughter, not chips."

"Money cannot buy self-worth. It's not a commodity you can trade. People can't steal your self-worth, but some may try to devalue it, usually in an attempt to make themselves feel worthier. Don't fall for it."

"The first measure of being beautiful is not based on how you look to others but on how you look at yourself. The second is how you take care of yourself. Staying strong and healthy starts from the inside out. The third is compassion - how you treat others."

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About the Author: Author Melanie Young has made a career of turning challenges into opportunities as a wine and food marketing and communications specialist. When breast cancer took her on an unexpected detour in 2009-2010 she seized the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes to stay healthy, manage stress, eliminate fear of recurrence and rethink how she wanted to live her life with renewed purpose. Writing was her therapy and voice to help inspire others to face life’s challenges with grit, grace and wit. Her first book, Getting Things Off My Chest, helps newly diagnosed women navigate their breast cancer journey with confidence. In Fearless Fabulous You! Melanie’s message is: “Be CEO- chief empowerment officer- of your life. Find your passion and purpose; be your own wellness advocate and believe in your self-worth.”

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  1. Oh my gosh those are fabulous quotes. This topic is a bit too close for me right now though...But it sounds fantastic.


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