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Book Spotlight ~ "Professional Boundaries" by Jennifer Peel + eBook Giveaway

At thirty two, Kelli Bryant is ready to take on the world, and Chandler Media, as the new Marketing Director, but her plans are derailed when her promotion is given to none other than Ian Greyson, Kelli’s old college flame, her one true love and the one man she hoped to never see again. 

Between Kelli’s determination to remain on top and Ian’s strict new office policies, there’s no shortage of fireworks in the office. Their explosive relationship spills over into their personal lives as Kelli tries to keep Ian at arm’s length and Ian desperately tries to win her back (during off hours only, of course). 

Professional Boundaries is a clean romance filled with fun and humor. It is a story of two professionals who just can't keep it professional.

Read an Excerpt

He looked at me for just a second before he made his way to me. I tried to wipe at the tears furiously, but to no avail—they kept coming.

"May I join you?" he asked.

He looked so sweet. He looked like my Ian. I stopped swinging and scooted over. He sat right next to me and handed me a tissue.

I gladly accepted the tissue. "Thank you. Where did you get this?"

"Your sister thought you would need one."

She knew me so well, but I wondered why she hadn’t come to find me as I dabbed my eyes and cheeks.

"Did Luke leave?" I asked.

"He won’t be bothering you anymore."

That didn’t really answer the question, but it made me feel better. I just didn’t want his parents’ party to be spoiled.

"Do Gary and Holly know?"

He reached over and gently picked up my arm and began carefully pulling up my sleeve. "Quit worrying about everyone else right now. Are you alright?"
His concern and gentle behavior made the tears start up again. He lightly touched the finger marks left by Luke. "Does that hurt?"

I shook my head no.

He delicately placed my hand back in my lap. Then he reached up and brushed a few tears away.

I smiled. "Doesn’t this cross some professional boundaries?"

He brushed my cheek one more time and grinned. "I guess it’s a good thing were not in the office."

Without thinking, I reached up and grabbed his hand as he touched my face. It was so natural. It was an old habit, and my heart leapt. For a moment our eyes locked, and there I saw …"Ian."

He grinned wide.

I dropped my hand, and his smile dropped.

"I mean, Mr. Greyson …Thank you, but we should probably get back to the party now."

His shoulders dropped, and he sighed. "Someday, Kelli," he responded.

"Someday, what?"

He came to himself again. "Just someday."

I stood up and smoothed out my dress. "Do I look like a mess?"

He laughed. "After everything that just happened, that’s what you’re worried about?"

"I don’t want to worry Boss and Holly. Plus, a girl never knows when Mr. Right will pop up."

He shook his head at me and stood up. I looked up at that beautiful face of his.
"You still look amazing, but …" he replied.


He gave me a mischievous grin. "But … the question is will you ever call Mr. Right by his first name?"

What a weird response, I thought, but I responded the only way I could. "Unless his name is Mr. Darcy."

He shook his head at me. "You still love that book?"

"Doesn’t every available woman in her thirties?"

"That I wouldn’t know," he responded.

I began walking toward the door.

He didn’t follow.

"I need to take off," he said.

I turned back toward him. "So soon?"

Why did I sound disappointed?

"I have an early flight tomorrow."


"I’m headed to Colorado. I have some personal things that have come up."

"How long will you be gone?" Not like I really cared.

"A week, maybe two. But don’t worry, I’ll be checking in everyday."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh thank you, you don’t know how worried I was just there."

He shook his head at me again. "Goodnight, Kelli. I’ll call you."

Wow that sounded familiar. I caught my breath for a second. "Goodnight, Mr. Greyson."

He walked off saying, "Someday, Kelli, someday …"

I watched him walk off, and I felt a tiny tug in my chest. I chalked it up to heartburn.


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