Thursday, January 1, 2015

Setting goals for 2015!

I've been thinking about making a post about what I want to do with this upcoming year concerning books and the blog.  I thought of the title "Three Books in Four Days".  I finished reading the Divergent Trilogy in four days.  It has made me think about reading, why I read, and why I want to continue.

It was a guilty pleasure to read three books in a row  just because I wanted to.  I don't usually indulge in that kind of luxury.  That is how I used to read books before I started blogging.

About six months ago, my life became quite a bit busier, when I accepted a new calling in my Church.  I am busier in Church Service than I have ever been.  It is a wonderful experience for me, but it has made me rethink the amount of time  I have to spend pursuing hobbies.  I decided that I wanted to spend more time living my life rather than reading about other people's lives.

I don't know if you've noticed, but over the past six months the pace has slowed down on this blog.  I am committed however, to continue reading and giving book suggestions.

Soooo..... here are my goals.

1. Read more of the books I already have accepted for review and only accept new books that I REALLY want to read.

2. Be better at letting author's know whether or not I will promote or read their books.
(I have a bad habit lately of letting them sit in my inbox until I get so depressed I delete everything!)

3.  Get ahead of scheduled reviews, try to read them at least a week in advance instead of a couple of days.

4. Write down in my calendar everything that I accept and plan to have it reviewed soon.
(I missed a few promised reviews because I forgot to write them down.)

5. Have fun reading.
(At times it has become a chore.  Trying to get through books that don't appeal to me, or as one more item to check off my list.)


  1. Great goals! I relate with life getting busy and the blog becomes the last thing. I hope that you are able to balance everything this year between the calling, reading, blog, and everything else that life gives us.

    1. Thanks! One thing for sure, life is unpredictable!

  2. I LOVE your goals!! I have a super busy calling, too (what's yours?) and it's hard to squeeze it all in. I should put my reading goals in writing on my blog because I sat down this morning and made some and one of them is to read what I want to read. If I really don't want to read it and wouldn't if I didn't have to, I'm going to say NO. I have soooo many in my TBR pile and I don't want to waste any more time getting to it. I really enjoy your thoughts and your blog, so I'm happy to see you'll see be blogging. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, I enjoy reading your blog as well. You post great reviews! I am the Second Counselor in my Stake's Primary Presidency. I work with the Scouts. We have nine wards, so it takes more time than I imagined it would. :) Good for saying no, at least you don't ignore like I have been doing lately. I will get better at not doing that this year. :)

    2. Holy cow!! I won't complain any more about how busy I am. :) I haven't been good at saying no, but I will be now! :) I hope...that's my goal.

  3. Great goals! Lots of yours are similar to mine. :) I need to read all my review books too. Good luck!


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