Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome Colleen to Bookworm Lisa

I would like to introduce you to  my very good friend, Colleen.  She and I have talked about our love of reading and of finding good books to read on many occasions.  I  was talking to her the other day and asked if she would like to help me out reviewing on this blog.  She said YES, and I am so excited.

Just a little about Colleen.  She doesn't like to talk about herself much, but that's OK, because I am more than  happy to tell you a little about her.  First off, she is a wonderful friend, mother and I'm sure her husband would say that she's a wonderful wife.  I have quite a bit of respect for her.  She is an amazing musician.  I was privileged enough to take piano lessons from her for about a year.  She is an opera singer, she trained in Germany.  She also borrows books from me all the time and brings them back in great condition.

When I started Bookworm Lisa, I had no idea that it would or could become a huge thing in my life.  I have so many review books to read and I am having a hard time keeping up.  Now that I have my daughter, Colleen, and Rachel reviewing I wonder if it's fair to keep my name on the top?  They will get the credit for anything they write on this blog.

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