Thursday, September 22, 2011

MY Birthday Celebration!

Today is my birthday.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to have any kind of celebration at all.  Besides the fact that I am broke and looking for a part time job after being a SAHM for 16 years.  So... I am going to have a giveaway, it's just going to be a party for someone who is a little low on funds.  There are some great books out in Kindle that are actually pretty cheap.  I thought today that I would have a giveaway for some of these books.  I haven't read package 1 yet, but I will.  I have read the books in package #2 and I give them a high recommendation.  So, in order to enter you must have a kindle app available if you don't have a kindle.  Here are the devices that you can get a free app on.  I will send the winners the books from Amazon as a gift.  There are two packages, so there will be two winners.

Free Kindle Reading AppsDownload and read Kindle books on your favorite device--no Kindle required.
Kindle Reading Apps: Kindle Cloud Reader | PC | Mac | iPhone | iPad | BlackBerry | Android | Windows Phone 7

OK for the goodies: 

Package 1 : Books by Cheri Schmidt

Package #2
Jaclyn's Ghost by Dorlanna Vann
Love Will Follow by Bailey Briston

Not much of a birthday celebration, but at the moment the best I could do.  I am also participating in the Banned Books Hop that is coming up in a couple of days.  I have some great books in that as well.

Seeing that it is my birthday, I will ask that you follow me in order to participate.  You can follow on GFC +2, twitter +1, tweet the contest +2 (In the upper left of the post is a tweet button.  Click on that,  I'ts that simple.), friend on Goodreads +1, or Networked Blogs +1.  All will be for extra points.  I have a giveaway policy in the upper right side bar.  I will note here that you must be at least 13 in order to participate.

Fill out the form below.  I will end the contest on September 30th.  Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me.


  1. Oh, Lisa, this is a great giveaway! Have a happy, happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa! Thank you for this giveaway! I just got a kindle about 3 weeks ago so I'm particularly excited!

  3. I personally love my kindle. It is a second generation, so not as cool and fancy as the new ones. But I love it just the same. :0)

  4. Happy Birthday! How nice of you to give gifts on your day! And good luck job hunting.

  5. Have a Happy, Happy Birthday Lisa. How kind to give gifts on your birthday:) Thanks!

    bchild5 at aol dot com

  6. Hope your birthday is fabulous!! Thanks for the giveaway!


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