Monday, September 5, 2011

I am now at 1000 followers! & a check in on reading challenges for this year.

Many thanks and hugs to everyone who follows my blog.  I just looked a few minutes ago and found myself at 1002 followers.  That is so amazing.

I will have to plan something for this.  Next month on October 12th will be my one year blogging anniversary.  I will try to find something to combine the two celebrations.

Note on my challenges this year ~ I officially stink at two of them.  The one that I am struggling with the most is my own Book Bucket Challenge.  I challenged myself to read 50 of the books at the bottom of my "to read" list.  I don't want to count them right  now because it's pretty pathetic.  Next year I will come up with a more realistic goal that will still be a challenge ~ like 20 or 25.

I completed the 100 books read in a year.  Yay! I am not yet at my personal goal of 150, but I know I will make it before the end of the year.

I completed Lazy Girl's Mini Challenge!

I am struggling with Book Junky's A-Z Challenge.

I have completed about 1/2 of Charlie  Courtland's Historical Tour d'Genre. There may be a ray of hope for this one.

If I can catch up on some of my review books, I may be able to complete Charlie's challenge.  I may get a few more of the A-Z done, there is no freaking way that I will ever be able to complete my own challenge in the time that I have left.

OOhh well.  Next year I'll try to keep the challenges a bit more do-able and remember that life happens when you least expect it to.

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  1. Congrats! Both on reaching 1000 followers and for reading 100 books already this year!


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