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The Governess by Kristen McKendry (Blog Tour + giveaway)

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The Governess

The Governess by Kristen McKendry
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received from publisher to Review
Genre: Historical Romance/Fiction

Book Description:  For Kate Porter in 1880s Canada, working as a governess is simply a means to an end, and she aspires to a high-society future that will lift her out of her middle-class existence. When she accepts a new position as tutor to Alonzo Colaco's children, she sees it as a step in the direction of her dreams. She eagerly envisions a grand house awaiting her...but when her new employer meets her at the train station driving a gaily painted gypsy wagon, Kate suspects her new job will not be all she anticipated.

Kate finds herself living in the woods in a refitted train car as she teaches the charming children of Alonzo, a tinker by trade. After trying in vain to secure another job, Kate is left with little choice. She must simply bide her time until a better position comes along. Soon, however, she abandons her preconceptions along with her bustle in favor of the joys of a simple life---and the possibility of true love. But when opportunity knocks, will Kate really be ready to walk away from all she has come to care about to pursue her high-society dreams?

My thoughts: I started this book in the morning and didn't go to sleep until I had finished it. I even did things that were not reading related during my day.

This is a wonderful book. It is a romance that doesn't focus on just falling in love. This is a book about building relationships and accepting others. It is about stepping away from society and discovering what is important in life.

This book is set in Toronto Canada in the 1880's. The majority of the book happens in a small clearing out away from the city. Kate is the MC and has always lived on the outside. She is educated but poor. She has lived on the goodwill and charity of relatives. She is never accepted in polite society, but she doesn't fit in with the working class. This makes it awkward when seeking employment. She works as a ladies maid, tutor, and governess. She accepts a position on good-will, because she is desperate, and learns wonderful lessons about herself and the things that are important in life. I loved reading about her transformation.

Alonzo is her employer. He is a tinker, widower, and father. He is a good man of integrity who doesn't hold with the dictates of society. I enjoyed how he gently and patiently taught Kate. She was hired to teach his children, but he taught her about herself and how to respect and love others.

The majority of the book didn't focus on romance. It focused on relationships. The relationship of employee/employer, friend, teacher, parent/child. There are many great aspects in this book.

This is a clean romance with some kissing.

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About the Author: (Taken from Deseret Book)  Kristen Garner McKendry began writing in her teens, and her work has been published in Canada and the U.S. She received a bachelor's degree in linguistics from Brigham Young University and has always been a voracious reader. Kristen has a strong interest in urban agriculture, sustainable living, and environmental issues. A native of Utah and mother of three, she now resides with her family in Canada

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  3. Thank you for the giveaway. I'm looking forward to reading it. Sounds wonderful.
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