Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Getting in The Christmas Spirit! ~ The Christmas Project DVD (with a tour giveaway)

The Christmas Project

DVD Description:  Even with Christmas around the corner, for the Buckley boys, payback almost always wins out over brotherly love. That is until the four brothers join forces against a common adversary—the Hagbarts—the meanest bullies at their middle school. But now Mom has decided that the Buckley family is going to Elve the Hagbarts this year for Christmas. Eleven-year-old Matthew can hardly stand it. By day the Hagbarts torture the Buckley brothers into submission, and by night the Buckleys secretly deliver Christmas treats and gifts to their sworn enemies. Soon the war of wits escalates to an incredible scheme designed to get the ultimate revenge on the Hagbarts. But now that Matthew has been learning that he's supposed to do good to those who hate him, what will he do when a little push becomes a great big shove?The Christmas Project is a heartwarming comedy the whole family will love.

My thoughts: This book brought back a few memories of the 1980's.  It is a story that is told as a memory of the main character, Matthew Buckley.  He is remembering one Christmas where he learned about love, forgiveness, and how to win a war.  (Aggression vs. Love)

This is a feel good movie.  The way it is presented reminded me of a family friendly TV shows from years ago.  It is a little cheesy, but has  a great message.  It is full of humor and family fun.  You can't help but love the Buckley brothers and their quirky parents.

The Hagbarts are a family that you love to hate.  They don't seem to have many redeeming traits.  We see them through Matthew's eyes.  They begin to transform as Matthew begins to understand them.  I love the wisdom of the bus driver who teaches Matthew that the pen is mightier than the sword. Lives change and hearts are softened.

This is a wonderful family film that is perfect for the Holidays!

My rating:  4 of 5 stars
Source: I was sent a link to preview the film for review.

Where can you pre-order a copy?

There is a special preview opportunity for people living near Salt Lake City , Utah.  Here is a copy of the email I received from Covenant Communications.  

Next week on November 1st we're hosting a FREE screening at Jordan Commons Megaplex.  We still have some tickets available and would love for you to have the opportunity to attend and watch this fun movie on the big screen. Please share the free event with your friends, family, and on social media. Below is the link.
Tuesday, November 1st
Special Screening | The Christmas Project
Jordan Commons Megaplex

Tickets are FREE

Enter the Tour Giveaway!  (This giveaway is sponsored by Covenant Communications, they will notify the winner and distribute the prize.)

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