Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Book Review ~ "The Throne of David" by Ann Farnsworth

The Throne of David by Ann Farnsworth
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received Electronic copy from the Publisher to Review
Genre: Fiction

Book Description: When a series of secret letters throws the ascendancy line of the British throne into disarray, only one person can prove the rightful heir—and everything depends on a stone that’s been lost for centuries. This high-stakes thriller leads you on a deadly chase around the world, following clues from King David. A mind-blowing mystery with an ending you’ll have to read to believe!

My thoughts: Fiction books linked to ancient legends are a genre that I tend to enjoy. The Throne of David is a wonderful blend of modern day and  legends. .

Before I read this book I had not heard of the Stone of Scone. I began to wonder if this was a fictional relic that the author had made up and described a thought out and fascinating history about. Of course, I had to google it and find that it is a real relic from Ireland and Scotland. It may have origins in Hebrew or Egypt. Ann Farnsworth did a great job at incorporating the legends and making a fascinating fictional story.

The history behind the relic and the quest to find it were my favorite parts of the story. The book holds quite a bit more than that in it's pages. It is a hunt to find players in a royal scandal. It is action and adventure, romance, and mystery. This book has a lot of depth to it's plot.

The characters seemed like real life people. They had depth, flaws, commitment, and loyalty. Even the bad guys had some of those traits. I liked that the story took place on two continents. The author spend time with both stories. They are connected and complimentary to each other.

This book does have some violence and sweet romance.

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